Agnès Pe ‬- Para Ana (music video)‬

Artist: ‪Agnès Pe ‬
Title: ‪Para Ana (music video)‬
‪Keywords:‬ devotional faux-utopian ambience devotional distorted e-stim malfunction muzak muzak-stun Lleida

It doesn’t happen everyday when two intriguing artists collaborate in a audio visual form, but when the odd moons align and such a special thing actually happens it’s for sure something to inform everyone about! Especially when the artists in question are ‪Agnès Pe & Jan Strach. The result is a spectacular experience in the shape of a excellent trip in music video form. Jan Strach heard ‘Para Ana’ by Agnès Pe and must have been incredibly inspired as the good man started to create the perfect visuals to the sounds. ‬

‪With his love for video games and the excellent trained ears for the bizarreness in the music spectrum, Jan Strach managed to make the track come alive. It’s a real trip, one that is best viewed on the it screen with the volume high up at the loudest volume. This is the way to fully emerge yourself into this collaborative world, one in which moving pixelated landscapes meet glitchy birds, slide from rainfall into abstract waterfalls, splashing in the gracious creature of intelligence; the dolphin & incredible landscapes that only exist in virtual reality & in a creative mind’s imagination. ‬

‪It’s like you go on a boat trip in a first perspective mode and all that you see is the visualization of a trip that defies reality as we might know it. The sounds and what you see are blending so perfectly together that it’s hard to imagine that they didn’t get born at the same time. It feels as if Agnès Pe and Jan Strach had created a Para Ana baby, one that both of them could be proud off & you (as a viewing audio lover) would love to see and hear. Good thing is, that this is actually possible if you take the effort to click and watch it below: ‬

‪Wasn’t that a marvelous experience?

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  1. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    I came across Agnes Pe via Yeah I Know it Sucks some time ago and have followed her avant garde, witty and experimental work ever since.
    “Wasn’t that a marvellous experience?”
    Yes….and recommended to are her radio sound collages – Mitt Pate : )

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