Francesco Covarino – Olive

Artist: Francesco Covarino
Title: Olive
Keywords: granada adventurous avant-garde drums eclectic electroacoustic free improvisation free jazz hybrid improv percussion psychedelic solo Thessaloniki

If there is one drummer that you could count on, it must be Francesco Covarino. He is not a calculator although we can clearly hear that if he was; he would be a damn good one! This drummer simply placed itself in the spotlight, proving with this 14 track counting album that you don’t need anything else except drums in your life. Drums here and drums there; Francesco Covarino simply drums the whole album full but does it in a way that it is clearly him playing at his very best. Showcasing skill, talent and creativity one beat after a rhythmic other.

On September 23rd, 2016 he recorded it surprisingly all in one go, from 11am to 6pm, somewhere in Granada, and released it without any editing or overdubs; proofing to anyone who listens that he is one of the healthiest drummers out there, one true artist who can play with a full on enthusiasm and tightness, a creative individual whose drums are a true extension of his mindful imagination. The brain to arm – hand coordination is superb, with each track being creatively different, his passion truly come to life on here!

He is very good at what he does and not just some random semi avant-garde weirdo that found it’s way behind a drum… Francesco Is the kind of drummer who (although improvising) has it all tightly under control, has its marbles fully working and in fact comes across as a calculating drumming octopus whose tentacles are super-tight and yet so flexible. The rhythms are a source for admiration and inspiration , going for high difficult levels that involves a good muscled body as well as a well connected healthy brain, one that can function quickly & obviously loves the mathematics of it all.

If you read the artist’s liner notes, the ones that talk about him recording this with his then unborn baby (the size of a Olive) in mind, you know that this is a next level quality one:

While recording this music, I was thinking, “When my daughter grows up she will listen to this and think: ‘This is what my dad was like when I was about to be born

It’s this attitude and idea in the artist mind that must have been the driving force behind how good the session had turned out to be. We as every average listener might not be his daughter, but we for sure get to feel and hear the passionate love that he has for her, the stick behind the door that pushed the drummer to be able to push the creativity and execution of it all into the top notch zone. It makes me feel proud of Francesco Covarino & I’m sure his daughter (when old enough to be able to listen to this album) would be proud of her talented dad too!

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2 Responses to Francesco Covarino – Olive

  1. covarino says:

    thanks for the nice words!

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