BOS, LANTING, DOUCHE & KHANI – Vitamin Kale (Ketamine Song)

Title: Vitamin Kale (Ketamine Song)
Keywords: irrelevant pop, video clip,

When the morning arrives and the special K breakfast is prepared on the table you just know the day is going to be a bumpy ride. One in which for the rest of the day you will be settled in a awkward position in which the muscles and brain coordination seem to malfunction & it will be difficult to walk up straight. Some mornings like this you won’t be able to walk at all, but once you pick yourself up out of the special K-hole and managed to rise up, the horizontal body will somehow abnormally function in this other world that doesn’t match your personal views of gravity anymore.

You have to walk , sit or crawl, lose yourself in some kind of blurry mess that might have long lasting effects on all the regular experiences of the day. The lines of reality become bearable but blurred, the world becomes this surreal place in which normal activities become huge things to conquer, life changing moments in which nothing seems to be again what they had normally been… and it feels weirdly fantastic.

There is the risk to become the next Christina (the real life person that inspired the part that Marilyn Manson played in the cult movie ‘Party Monster’) but if you do this kind of special K breakfast only at special occasions, you should be fine and well once you run out of special K breakfast materials. The illustrious group of friends responsible for idiotic underground hits and their peculiar looking music videos have illustrated these kind of special K days with a case of new music & indeed a very brand new video clip. They did this so well that you would think; how did they manage? How did they get it done? How did this group make this video while in this state of surreality?

The answers to all these questions are probably unanswered for eternity, but that’s the magical beauty of not asking questions. It is what it is and in a way they deserve a applause to have captured the miracle that is K & made it watchable & bearable in their own special ways! Would you enjoy such a breakfast yourself after experiencing this video? Maybe and maybe not… it depends from person to person; one likes to climb the highest mountain and gets a kick out of it & someone else goes for such a breakfast to conquer their own difficulties that a ‘what once should have been a normal day’, had now become! A challenge that could make you grow spiritually or screw you up for life! Exciting isn’t it?

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