E GONE – Brilliant Apparatus EP

Artist: E GONE
Title: Brilliant Apparatus EP
Keywords: experimental grace jones hökarängen vincent price drone dub electronic folk kitsch lo-fi modular synth psychedelic folk Stockholm

With enough bright ‘ectoplasm’ this release opens up fresh and vibrantly. Oh boy, oh girl; isn’t it instantly exciting? What will happen next? Only listening will give us the answers. And why no do that as listening to the tune named Liber Null Tango is as pleasurable as visiting a fruit market in which all the fruit is free to grab and eat; hmm, so juicy and friendly! With a funny dub vibe and synthesized spiritualism the vitamins are rolling in instantly! How delicious!

Also ‘Brilliant Apparatus’ grooves away, only this one does it in a darker kind of way, as if it’s the vibe of Pinky & the Brain that have vowed to take over the world but than in a wickedly thematic kind of a synth master piece. It gets really nasty, acidic, cyber punkish, with a fanatical anxiety in the mix… it’s the perfect soundtrack when you are on your way to conquer unique goals and do what you want or need to do! If you need a more easier mood, one to let yourself hang loose, you can count on the one named ‘Hökarängen’ which feels quite folky and worldly. Like a dubby reggae modular synth mega mood mixer that will make anyone who has a little anger or frustration on their minds, cool down with a pleasurable ease.

The Autumn Equinox of 1993 is the final episode, perhaps the epic epicenter of the release. One that says that everything is alright, that the organic biological music is here to stay to save the day & that bright melodies are still ruling the kingdom named Awesomeness. It’s a great release, perhaps too short, but as they say; sometimes less is more, besides if we get more goodness we simply might overdose!
This was perfect!

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