Halfbird – Loomings

Artist: Halfbird
Title: Loomings
Keywords: experimental noise pop weirdo electronic free jazz free noise jazz gonzo improvisation jazz metal noise jazz experimental noise rock trash Portland
Label: SadoDaMascus Records

It’s okay to be happy, it’s cool to be just half of a bird. You might miss a wing, but with one strong wing to compromise this fact; you will be up in the sky in no time. Flapping and wobbling that only wing like a true avant-garde champion, with guitar, alto sax and drums as the strong feathers… This halfbird doesn’t feel like it’s been physically disabled. Yes, its movements might differ from the average good looking bird, but the busy expressions coming out of fine muscular spasms are of a explosive kind, one that just like a horny goose seems to calls out for its mates, louder and more spectacular than any full on bird would have been able to do so.

Sometimes being incomplete will push the uncompleted to the edge, making it more evidentially more complete than others that had benefitted from being born in perfect state. The pure frantic movements on the floor and in the air, the half creature that had been wobbling around like a winner who had to work a bit harder than anybody else… the recordings of Halfbird are the honest busy documentations that being handicapped could be beneficial for expression of anything in the freeform noise jazz improvisation zones.

The halfbird sounds extremely loud and busy, doesn’t go in the room without being noticed, bangs itself like a true expressive star whose explosive moves would impress any regular bird. In fact it is almost difficult to think it’s just halfbird, as the sounds are so full on and bust that it falsely feels at times that it’s a whole flock of floppy jazz birds. So in a way Halfbird sounds like it needed to work harder compared to your average band of this caliber , but that it certainly had done its best to strengthen that only wing to become a forceful force that all other birds would be terrified with; a strong, expressive and wild fanatic sound.

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