Jody Lowther – Skeleton Moon

Artist: Jody Lowther
Title: Skeleton Moon
Keywords: experimental dark eerie electronic female vocals folk haunting horror macabre psychedelic recordings reverb soundtrack vocal winter London

The dreamy escapades by Jody Lowther have returned, this time a lengthy album full of it. One that takes the listener on a sleepy journey in which pleasant electronica reaches a certain holiness that goes hand in hand with her soothing voice. She sings tones that fit her sounds perfectly, taking everyone on a blissful audio trip that speaks like a haunted beauty of an experience.

Her lovable tracks are perfect for sleepy days, the ones that you want to hear when you need to rinse your mind of any unpleasantness or simply want to skip any potential bad vibes urgently. She manages to bring a vibe that you can ultimately relax in, one that is comfortable and cozy in its most intimate forms. There is not a lot to laugh about as it sounds all quite serious, but to be fair; that’s totally not a unpleasant fact if you need some excellent music to take care of you. To drown away potential sorrows in & feel pleasantly safe in.

She manages to bewitch us with her kind assets in music form, traveling from one kind psychic kind of track into another. They wave in each other as if they had been made in a singular row, all superglued to entertain you for the best potential time in a full on setting of glittering little stars and a pretty sight of the all seeing moon. It’s a pretty experience that she had magically created in the years 2016 & 2017. They might be short on their own, but they form a lengthy dream escapade that has all the space to make a busy person to feel calmed down to its core, relaxed, chilled out and filled with seemingly lots of love. The album’s artwork fits the music perfectly, which is a good reason to play this before going for that special nap, to compliment that earned rest that you deserved so well.

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