Earth Girl Helen Brown – Saturn

Artist: Earth Girl Helen Brown
Title: Saturn
Keywords: pop the sandwitches country exotica outsider protest psych psychedelic songwriter weird pop California

When you hear Earth Girl Helen Brown for the very first time you feel like you have met a girl so earthly, that it feels almost like it’s a encounter with a alien. A lovely alien who had captured human emotion, rhythmic procession and a warm pleasantness in song and music form. Her release opens up with ‘helicopter’ that takes the lucky listeners on a floating flight in which all is laid back, moving pleasantly, in sunny rays of a feel good laid back groove. Lovers of the cowbell will be pleased, as well as fans of a pretty voice, one that seems to be able to hypnotize listeners into persons that feel very good about themselves. It made me personally feel like a furry big cat with all the time in the world & not even a empty agenda; a cat with no agenda at all!

More pleasantness comes with ‘The Wave’ which features a jingling vibe that feels as if Earth Girl Helen Brown had been living in a excluded area in which only good earthlings had formed a loving tribe. With a jolly bass, a jungle atmosphere is presented that is smooth, nice, sweet and so right. It’s here that Earth Girl Helen Brown has fun with her friends, playing without worries the music of smiles and earthy jolliness. Earth Girl Helen Brown also brings a lot of fun when bringing The Pool to the party that is this release. She tells her personal story with a empowering warrior attitude, with longing to bathe in the water she sat in the burning sun… She performs the story with a tribal attitude, totally mesmerizing her audiences with a style that feels like it’s recorded in a excluded safety zone far away the smoggy world of the big cities.

More relaxed attitude comes with Chisa Ramopolo, which brings the warmth of pleasant real music, with lovely horns, harmonica, guitar all rasping away on a very feel good rhythm. She sings and counts with a lot of wise love in her voice, one that can turn rainy days into sunny ones. All the way at the end we can hear her wisdom informing us about Saturn. Maybe she and her lovely friends had come from there many light years ago, before settling her hippiedom somewhere on a placenta earthly place that she had clearly had fallen in love with. If you need something that is pleasant in your life you got to hear Earth Girl Helen Brown:

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