Roro Perrot live in an empty barn #2

Artist: Roro Perrot
Title: Roro Perrot live in an empty barn
Keywords: folk, anti-folk, singer songwriter

Roro Perrot’s extremely smooth voice in combination with his delicately played folkish guitar music is the thing that you must hear and see. Unfortunately when he does his thing at it’s best, he is somewhere playing it in a empty barn… we are obviously not there with him to experience his talent on the spot, but luckily (thanks to a perfectly positioned high quality camera) he recorded himself on the special atmospheric location, playing one lovable tune after another… yummy!

Roro’s ‘alone in a empty barn performances’ must be the best things in the folk genre that eyes would ever see & ears would have ever be able to hear; it’s the most expressive on the spot set of expression, fully captivating a music lover’s attention; as this artist’s attitude is one unlike any other. He puts his fire into it, bashing away on the strings of his trusted guitar, one that miraculously sounds more like a rusty rake; sharp & raw and is potentially also able to be a tool to cut nails at the same time. So inventive!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all other folk singers who play their music out in the streets, on stages and in pubs would do it in empty barns instead of Roro? Wouldn’t it be great to have them exchanged for Roro Perrot , so you would come across him doing his songs out in the open? Cause honestly, why you have to hear lesser talents if there is the soothing folk music of Roro Perrot around? This man single handily eliminates the whole need of them, he is so advanced and full on that their music is seemingly so far removed to ‘the finish line of music’ that Roro Perrot had crossed a long time ago!

With his delicate chosen words, pronounced in his own animalistic kind of French, he easily wipes all other singing songwriters with guitars under the ground; he obviously sits reluctant on top of them as if they rot in their graves and he smoothly performs his victorious songs for their decaying left-over lonely ears. Rumor goes around that Roro Perrot has been spotted performing outside the empty barn, slowly but surely taken over the festival circuit and other places that used to be dominated by the lesser talented. So it’s only a matter of time that copy cats arise & the old school crowd of folk performers emigrate, give up or indeed dig themselves into the dirt never to be seen or heard from again…

With Roro’s famous Vomir project he destroyed the need for music, melody, progression and change forever & now under his own name he had gone for the folks that like to jingle their songs on a more hands on minstrel kind of way. There are no Malcom Mclarens sponsoring him, it’s just the man himself with the very real urge to get the things out of his chest & the results are… pretty much a force to reckon with!

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