Complainer – Pure Vanilla EP

Artist: Complainer
Title: Pure Vanilla EP
Keywords: experimental punk experimental rock noise noise-rock rock Saint Louis

After listening to Dirt Complain & emptying a jar of nutella in your hair, it might be a excellent idea to switch over to pure vanilla by Complainer! This tasty EP has enough power and energy to break your teeth, to make your head go around in fanatic moving ways so that all the chocolate pieces would splatter around the premises in no time. No need to shower, although the music might set you on fire! Pure Vanilla seems to be the center of punk; the attitude of not giving a toss, doing what you want & not what you are told. It’s the rebellion way of getting complaints out in the open; loud, angry, aggressive and real. The voice of Mabel Suen stocks it to world like a satisfying f*ck you!

With the sound of the energetic kind of action that can move mountains and kick in locked doors (ideal if you locked yourself out, or you need to go in somewhere that you aren’t allowed in) Mabel Sue astounds every note on this release by not only proving her explosive voice full of flames, but also playing the tight guitar riffs & the saxophone! Drums are provided by the tough basher ‘Joe Hess’ who hammers the tracks together like a solid case of human super glue. All songs are full of attitude, madness, anger and full on speed! Sometimes you might even forget how cool the riffs are, how tight and intelligent the actual music is as it sounds simply so ready to rough you up, as its not beating around the bush but going straight for it.

damn, if you look a bit deeper into these works of punk you will be amazed how smart it all is. Pure Vanilla isn’t the work of someone who doesn’t know how to play; music wise Complainer will simply outsmart you by delivering this wild attitude with actual brainy riffs and music. In the ‘Vanilla’ part you might really feel this fact slipping through; this is not the sound of a nutcase on the loose, but a intelligent empowering case of rebellion; ready to rough it up and amaze at the same time!

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