Marta Sap – Breaths

Artist: Marta Sap
Title: Breaths
Keywords: 3city alternative electronic world didgeridoo fox peoples space woman Gdańsk

As long as Marta Sap delivers her breaths we would be musically in for a good ride. Here she explores grooves and moods with the didgeridoo as the staring middle point and when she feels like it; electronica on the side. Let me mumble away about the tracks that this release is the home for: The fiery first one named ‘Jungle City’ sets the mood into a dancing one. With the moving sound of a active didgeridoo as the acidic baseline, the artist named Marta Sap is armed enough to deliver a incredible active expression in rhythm & vibe that feels naturally earthy. It easily connects to the pleasure center of the brain, tricking the endorphins to come out and make us feel happy and gay. ‘Fast Drivers’ is also a great active didgeridoo based expression that gets out this funky rhythm that is to me hard to resist not to wiggle and move upon; it feels very rooted in nature, as if a spirited warrior had came into Marta Sap and made her create expressive rave music with her mouth and special breathing techniques!

Warrior Couples’ unleashes even more energy to the powerful sound generated by her mouth. Her she adds electronica to the didgeridoo expression, with beats and a shimmering darkness in synth ambience Marta makes this the toughest one on the release. It’s a bit more grim, but even that on its own could be a warrior trick to scare the potential enemies away. With ‘Wrinkles’ she adds a more sentimental vibe to the fun didgeridoo material. With Marta decorating them up with emotional sounding electronic strings she melds the rooted sound into one that might generate a tear or two.

‘The Shipyard Stones’ is the happy final piece on this release, one in which the skillful didgeridoo loving artist gives away the best fun expression. It’s full on energetic energy again, filling up your need to retract the tears and move any of the darkness aside & go on a full-on victorious celebration dance frenzy, warrior style!

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2 Responses to Marta Sap – Breaths

  1. linda says:

    Beautiful recording! Happy to dig into Marta’s Soundcloud, because the recording is simply too short ❤

  2. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    Something different and a breath of fresh air – poor pun not intended.

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