Larry “The Wizard” Sievers – Alien Fantasy

Artist: Larry “The Wizard” Sievers
Title: Alien Fantasy
Keywords: metal fantasy heavy metal keyboards Iowa City

My music keeps me from feeling lonely. It’s my other world I live in…thanks for listening.

Larry “The Wizard” Sievers is the channeling channeler between his fantasy filled world full of fantastical creatures, mythological fairytale characters, special kind of adventures and intriguing landscapes and the reality that we supposedly are living in at the moment. He is like a grand wizard behind the screen, only he knows how this magic works, but thanks to him releasing his work in many bundles of special themed albums, we can all pick the fruits from his wizardry skills and take a deep peek into the other world so unknown to the most of us.

This album named ‘Alien Fantasy’ takes us to the oddball pleasant corners of outer space. One in which funky psychics have their Utopia, in which intergalactic romance and attraction are a common symptom and erotic lust machines are sounding like the future of pleasure. With enough cosmic soul psychedelia Larry “The Wizard” Sievers takes us to all the best sights, he knows them seemingly from his heart and has the knowhle to give you the best experiences, meet the most intriguing characters, watch the impressive sight seeing sights under the stars and even happily experience a worm-hole from up close.

With this wizard on your guiding side there is no reason to fear or to be scared for space pirates or other alien encounters; as all adventurous and meetings are done in the friendliest way that is melodic music. Larry “The Wizard” Sievers shakes them out of his sleeves like a pure case of magic, all giving the alien fantasy a easy and safe environment to sit in and listen to. You will find yourself floating on the lively music, on the mellowness of the soothing alien moon… lovely!
<KN> (special thanks to Graham Boosey for pointing the way towards the wizard… love ya!)

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