Bug Catcher / Enjoyable Music – Bug Catcher / Enjoyable Music Split

Artists: Bug Catcher / Enjoyable Music
Title: Bug Catcher / Enjoyable Music Split
Keywords: experimental harsh noise harsh noise wall harshnoise wall hnw noise United Kingdom

This split feels like two artists showing off their hobbies. It’s clear that Enjoyable Music loves to push the boundaries of enjoyable music and that the bug catcher is catchy by bugs for a enormous collection. On this release you can hear them both & if one’s hobby sound displeases you, you might feel pleasure in the other one. It would be handy if you have a interest in both, but that’s all about you and your tastebuds.

At first we go in with a big bang; the big bug catcher seems to throw us into its busy place where the artist/collector had kept all the caught billions of bugs. They are very much sounding alive and well, flapping their many wings and occupying the space like only nifty bugs could go. They fly in your face, touch your nose, ears or even fly into your mouth (if you dare to open it!) flapping your hands feels like a hopeless act as there are simply too much of them, all buzzing around to form a great cracking hiss in a very natural way.

Enjoyable Music shows of a entire different hobby; no busy encounter with plenty of buzzing bugs here, but a very expressive case of energetic music that might trigger the old punk to come out and bounce around for a bit, probably warning the people with a hearing aid to switch their devices off; as its hissy tones might disturb the frequencies that they normally could live without. It’s a nice look into what Enjoyable Music likes to make and hear. My hobby is checking these kind of things out and I must say; I’m very much entertained!

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