Sister Grotto – Blindside

Artist: Sister Grotto
Title: Blindside
Keywords: ambient art drone electronic experimental heaven metal noise outsider soft gaze United States
Reviewer: Fred Osty

Depending where you are at the moment, it could be either cold or pleasantly warm. I’ve chosen the middle way as outside it’s a shivering 3 degrees, but inside holed up under thick blankets it must be around 30; not bad at all! The blankets make me feel like I’m in some kind of a grotto, a place that I could stay all day if I hadn’t had the need to walk around and do pointless things like every other day. The fact that the music of Sister Grotto titled ‘blindside’ is also here with me, doesn’t help me get out of the bed , instead it makes me want to stay in the warmth coziness until the final note of the release had left the airwaves.

It’s the combination, as Sister Grotto’s music is the ideal companionship to be warmly holed up with. With Sister Grotto’s Pleasant sounding notes a real tempting coziness is created. It fits a lonely Christmas vibe although could (if necessary) be clearly heard all year long! Perfect for if you are on some kind of North-pole mission and you need music to keep you warm; although wearing lots of thick clothes might also be helpful.
In any case sister Grotto does her wonderful thing with a fair amount of soothingly vocals that come across a bit ghostly. But not in it being scary or spooky; it’s more like Casper the friendly ghost who sings to the kittens in the household; utterly friendly and pleasant.

With this hazy and breathtaking experience you certainly have one fine beauty to battle the cold with. Even the drone version without the prominent vocals is a great source for cozy relaxation. When the music ends, the decision to either go out of the blankets or play it again & stay in the temporary grotto is not a tough one to make: I will be listening on repeat and stay in bed for the rest of the day… blindside deserves that full attention.

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