Videogram – Test Subject 011

Artist: Videogram
Title: Test Subject 011
Keywords: soundtrack giallo horror soundtrack horrorsynth john carpenter retro electro stranger things Sweden

Let’s put test object ‘Videogram’ on the table, cut it up with a business card and snort it up line by line. How does it make you feel? Does it gets you high on some kind of level, does it make you lose your soul, are you feeling like you are the ruling ruler of the all? I personally tested it out and was surprised that my soul was left in tact, that feelings got triggered and that even the ‘I feel love’ Donna Summer vibe had slipped into the eighties mix of Videogram. That was good as when finishing this gram in one go, I was paranoid to become this soulless senseless self-absorbing asshole… oh, maybe it actually DID make me into one, or it simply brought out that part of me…

let’s try to stay away from that and try to focus on the music. One that is described by the artist as instrumental horror synth, but personally I feel it’s much less gory or horrific; it’s more like a upbeat sensation that has that synthesizer sound from the old school highlight days, twist it up with a fanatic groove that fully comes to life while the ‘Dr Brenner’ part had reached my straw. When this piece of the gram went up my nose into my head, it triggered my mind into thinking it was inside the body of a dancer. Dancing happened on this high but before bones got broken and muscled wrecked, Videogram cane with the prettiest sounding and fullest part of the self produced & released work. This was named Hawkins National Laboratory (outro) and felt like a massive track ready to impress anyone that sucked it up.

The music here starts with a almost classical composing style, but magically teams up with electronica and slips ultimately into some kind of psychedelic mass that’s on the dark side, but it’s excitement makes it go into the lighter part of appreciation as well. I think it was the best track on the release, but as usual it’s not about what I think about anything, but about you and what you would think of it… so maybe just give it a try at the link over here & if you dig it a lot, presume to the link on the page and order yourself a nice 7inch vinyl version:

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