Tominaga – Pain is Mine

artist: Tominaga
Title: Pain is Mine
Keywords: drum & bass electronic experimental idm ambient electronica instrumental Saitama

What is beautiful and strangely intelligent, pretty and bewildering? The music by Tominaga as presented on Pain is Mine! At first her music has a recognizable song structure, but the outer decorations are of the kind that feel like the content of a box full of samples that had popped open to generate a mix that elevates it from normality. Her honest and pure sounding singing voice sings through them like a angelic creature that has nothing but kindness to give. Together the music feels like a fairytale story in which we could wonder around in, pondering what these Japanese lyrics mean (in case you don’t know the language…)

The title track ‘pain is mine’ is super sweet and contagious. It’s more concrete in music form, but feels oh so tasty; like a juicy strawberry that has come to life as real music. It’s here that Tominaga sings in the English language; she sounds bright and fresh with a whole happy arsenal of real sounding instruments at her disposal; they must be her well willing helping friends. She sounds very charming, making the sun shine inside with a feel good complexity that is utterly delicious.

This happiness continues with the interesting and funny funky track named Bamboo Rain. Here Tominaga throws in the rhythmic beats and harp chords to create a friendly uplifting tune. It’s as if the artist feels happy with the rainfall, clicking her tongue with delight, adding bashing mouth drums with real ones to get a pure sounding happiness across! Twisting in aromatic turnarounds that will ultimately surprise you! With raps and unexpected friendly melodic constructions and hyper beats you can feel the love taking over; a track you should hear immediately! It will bring you great excitement and joy!

Does the bird forget me’ starts with piano and a bird. The bird makes way for a quirky stepping beat that Tominaga sings delightfully over. It’s a active dane / lounge number; taking the best from both, making it possible to relax and move at the same time. The artist sounds personal and real & the result is cute and quite adorable.
Also the track named ‘La Mer’ gives more vibrant sounding material, all playful and fun with breakbeats as the main and a orchestral feeling that feels perfect as the soundtrack for a beautiful foreign movie as the companionship. The last tune titled ‘Tomorrow Never Be Today’ throws in the last action beat, jingling away with a cute melody which Tominaga sings her song upon. It’s energetic cuteness pushed to the maximum! What a lovely album this is; active and chill, intelligent and straightforward, personal and honest material:

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