Body Trains – Odonata

Artist: Body Trains
Title: Odonata
Keywords: electronic ambient avant-garde experimental indie rock minimalism modular psychedelic rock synth Los Angeles
Label: Doom Trip

The mysterious Waterhouse that awaits your presence in Body Train’s ‘Odonata’ can be discovered with either the eyes closed or open. With the eyes open you might find your environment a bit weirder than usual, but when closed, your mind will place you in a boat that floats automatically through a canal inside a badly lid wooden mansion. It somehow feels like a attraction in a theme park, but without the safety belt and the cheerful public. Within it haunts a strange voice that sounds like a Icy coolness in the air, one that bounces against the walls; it feels as if it’s coming from a magician that blesses us with the promise of a great psychedelic journey… a wish that if you decide to hear this album will be positively granted!

With ‘Distance’ this adventure sets itself in a new direction. No more water flotations in the dark, but a sudden colorful happening in which the mind seems to be teased with openings to many different dimensions. The visions of the mind become glitchy and peculiar; which way will the music go? Before trying to escape the sound, a case of pure magic pulls us in towards the point of no return. This is the zone in which spirits are brewing their soups, you can hear them boil as we get closer in the zone of the crackling noises; the sounds are bubbling and suddenly it starts to feel as if the music formed a wet tongue that got stuck in your ear. With a little drop of saliva drooling down the ear-drums the soundscape deepens itself up, flirting away with organic electronic sounding noises that are hard to place, but easy to be taken in by. A abstract gigantic buzzing insect might come out from the bubbling sounds of wet decay, but do not act fearful or in panic; you are just tripping extensively on a release brought to you by Doom Trip records; you are in very good hands…

That this is the case will even become more clearer when ‘Breath of Echo’ starts to play its wonderful loopy production. All feels wide and wonderful, as if the wizard of Oz had pressed a good button to create a grand delusion & we suddenly are as lightweight as a fresh feather. With ‘Eye’ the music makes anyone drift away in a warm blanket of tripping audio. The space that it sets out is big, warm and humid at the same time. It made me think of a empty floor on a reasonably new building around dawn. A scene in which Intriguing shadows lurk at every corner & sounds from the outside gets transformed through the yet-to-be-fixed window panes; it’s a calm experience in which we are alone and thoroughly drugged up.

The title track of this specific psychedelic album named ‘Odonata’ is the most stunning among the others. It’s a melodic happening that comes with a thick emotional touch, making it feel as a very personal experience in which Body Trains shines out its real human character. It’s the devotional serenity that calmly plays and does it’s beautifully impressive thing over here. It is a emotional prettiness that when heard on a specific time in a sensible person’s life, just might be the trigger to shed some firm amount of crocodile tears.

With the appearance of Bullhead Séance the album moves back into the shimmering shadows of wonderful intoxication. Sounds are vague and foggy, but if you listen deeply enough you can intercept a wondrous melodic ambient masterpiece occupying the ambience. It feels as if it’s alive, like a creature made out of light that moves shapelessly through the darkness.

This world of sound seems to slip easily in a next part named ‘Brittle Skinned’, one which seems to be a continuation of the former one. The ambient tones are positive and kind, filling up the deep space with a fine amount of warm love that comes across as untouchable, yet very real… it makes way for the wonderful last track whose name is ‘invisible’. I don’t know why Body Trains would call it like that, perhaps because it sounds like a thin veil of prettiness, one that is elegantly floating around, transforming its shape and colors like a unclassified alien-form that could be hard to describe other than that it is a ‘serene beauty’. It’s a lovable ending for a incredible psychedelic journey that would please anyone into the act of ‘tripping on audio’ very well… you can join the adventure by checking the album out at the following link:

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