Eden Shoulders – Eden Shoulders

Artist: Eden Shoulders
Title: Eden Shoulders
Keywords: kids beats cassette dji~~~~~~ dream wave electronic instrumentals nostalgia summer vibes synth vaporwave France
Label: Cocktail Pueblo http://www.cocktailpueblo.com/pueblo/

Who is Eden Shoulders? I haven’t the slightest idea, other than it is responsible for this fun sounding album that is also named Eden Shoulders. From the first moment of the release, one in which Eden Shoulders established some kind of low lying kind of Casio polka, I felt immediately stimulated and on my toes: whatever Eden Shoulders is, this must be it!

And yes, Eden Shoulders showed more of its own distinctive Casio polka pop with the second instrumental track named Croisière Eden. It had this fun loving feel of someone playing around with the beat machine on a old electric organ combined with a children’s keyboard that Eden Shoulders plays upon like a groovy virtuoso.

No reason to shrug the shoulders and hold up your nose as even Eden Shoulders’s Médecine is one of a pleasurable kind. It sounds very much unlike anyone else, definitely very much a typical Eden Shoulders tune. One with a melody that moves slowly but in a lovable melodic way; executed with sounds that are cute and lovable… very much a authentic Eden Shoulders original if you d’ask me. When this tune speeds up towards the end, my instincts sets me into a dancing motion; before I knew it I moved The Eden Shoulders moves!

This music and the vibrations are of a deeply happy kind, i might not know who Eden Shoulders is in a personal way, the sounds, melodies and free playing style are very much the artist’s own: truly likable! It’s jolly and happy, far from ugly, very… good! Very… tender! But even more important.. all very Eden Shoulders and that’s a true compliment! Each instrumental song is different, but clearly belongs together in style, sound and sheer enriching cuteness. Even the vibrant sounding energetic ‘night time’ track, (one that is a bit more laced with taints of twinkling dreamy acid vibes) falls in place in the Eden Shoulders style. It’s nice to hear and meet Eden Shoulders, even though Eden Shoulders being a mystery; the happy music certainly isn’t! Feel free to hop into the fun:

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