YIKIS music digest #3 ‘Music to spend your money on’

Hi, my name is Single Mum and this is my attempt to do a clearance on some excellent music materials that had been send to YIKIS. It’s a reoccuring theme so let me officially welcome you:

Welcome back at another episode of ‘where to spend your money on’!

 Today we feature a huge assortment of potentially commercial artists whose music/ singles/ albums are probably findable through the big online outlets. I didn’t place any links to them, but (thanks to the modern day search engines that are out there) it shouldn’t be a real problem finding the goodies featured in this love themed episode. Love themed? Is it already valentine? No, but these songs & tunes seem to have a lot of love in common; maybe they are about love as a subject, made or performed with love or maybe it’s just me showing some love for them; but “love” themed it is; isn’t that lovely?

Artist: Zanya Laurence
Title: Stellar Love
Keywords: R&B , soul

First of all; Zanya Laurence! What a great voice this artist has! So warm and groovy!Anyone hearing her song ‘Stellar Love’ must be able to feel her love & probably fall in love with it. My muscles fall for the music independently; wiggling and moving as if they could not resist to dance to this kind pleasantness. The music video seems to be released in November 2016 and little views, I wonder why as the music & visuals are a true source for a instant happy feeling. Maybe Zanya Laurence had kept it a bit hidden, or the spawns of commercialism that rule the Babylonian music industry had been busy hiding her honest tune of love away from the masses… afraid that people would discover real music instant of the instant cash cow crap they fill their pockets with. So please do not hesitate to play this tune of a song and give it some love back:

Artist: Stephanie
Title: Shades Of Grey
Keywords: pop, urban, video, love

I’m no talent scout and have no idea what the gross of the people like to hear and see, but I’ve got a good feeling that they need a bit of Stephanie in their ears. Her song Shades Of Grey made me loosen up my armor and exchange it for amore! With a excellent voice and a great singing performance Stephanie glued my attention for the full amount of 4 minutes and 54 seconds to her music video! This is a record by any artist’s standards, as my personal attention span for actual songs seems to be mostly around the 30 second limit; this to me is saying a lot about Stephanie’s song and the way she presented it; she must be doing it right! Shades Of Grey has definitely a pop ballad structure but the underlying reggae hints that softly wobble the groove as the backdrop make it into a work that is very hard not to love. The video clip in which she presents herself as a strong woman who doesn’t give up on love while she stairs (while singing) in the distance from her balcony is a powerful one. The open bottle of wine and the cork being freshly placed on the table is also a nice touch of detail. If they would play Stephanie on the radio (which they should) I might consider to listen to radio broadcasts again, I mean; this must be a song suitably enjoyable for all tastes, ages and cultures! Good vibes of love only!

Artist: Cathy Varna‬
‪Title: Dans l’au-del‬
‪Keywords: pop, love, poetry, mystic

‪From a complete different allure comes the singing enigma named Cathy Varna.‬
‪With her red hair she sings from a exotic looking location in which the sun shines on her skin and lazy sailboats lay windless in the water behind her. She sings strongly and by doing it with a lot of fun it turns the action of watching her music video into something that feels like going on a short lived vacation. At the end she walks slowly into the water… let’s hope she can be without oxygen as it would be a real shame in the music world to discover her skills & then she drowns herself in a graceful way…we would love to see & hear more, right? ‬

Artist: Björk
Title: Utopia
Keywords: flutist dream

The fairly unknown Icelandic artist from Iceland named Björk created with her collaborators a very distinctive lovely world that seems to be made out of the material that dreams are made from. Somewhere in the sky it floats like a island of prettiness; Utopia. A place that seemingly seems to be occupied with wondrous creatures, harmonic flutists, fluffy bubbles and sweet flowers. Björk herself has the eyes of a Margaret keane painting, with a fashion sense of a Leigh Bowery creation; she also joins the flutists as her voice lights up the credible landscape that probably everyone who sees and hears it would love to be floating around in. Isn’t it beautiful?

Artist: Secret Salmon
Title: Would You Like Some Heroin
Keywords: pop

To make up for the lack of gender diversity within this post of potential commercial hits made with love, we had to include this very catchy song by Australian band of pure mystery ‘Secret Salmon’ (and the upoming Ear Monsterz..) . This male trio (Secret Salmon, whose membere are never afraid to combine dress and a beard!) had written, produced and created this song that has a great sing-a-long-song hook. It’s the same as the title; so you just basically have to read it out aloud a couple of times & you are all good to go!

‪Artist: Ear Monsterz, Ft. Farshid Amin‬
‪title: Right Now (Official Music Video) from the Movie: Mobster‬
‪Keywords: EDM, pop, dance‬

‪Wowa, this is something! I didn’t really check the title to see that it’s related (and probably featuring scenes) to a movie named Mobster. By overlooking this crucial information the video clip for the positive message dance song ‘right now’ got a little weird, it felt as if the singer was part of the mafia (maybe he is, maybe he isn’t) which clearly gives him the green card to enter a busy club and perform on stage. He doesn’t look like a clean cut Justin Timberlake, but comes across as a more shady kind of guy who enjoys & loves doing what he does & if you don’t let him be, his bodyguards will probably make you change your mind instantly. The song itself is as commercial as it possible could be, so there is probably no need to have a manager like Bob Marley had who forced radio stations to play his tunes at gun point… but maybe it helps! ‬

It’s a lot of material, right? Maybe take this moment within this post to tickle yourself with a fancy well deserved break. Not a breakbeat, but you know; just a couple of minutes of relaxing. It’s a lot of fun to check out all these artists and their potent hit-singles in video clip format, but just like every marathon it can get you a tiny bit overwhelmed or even exhausted. So sit back and let my spirit massage your neck… yes… feels good, right? Just relax those shoulders, forget all that had filled your head and just inhale and exhale the air in a comfortable way… how are you feeling now? Better? … want some more massage? No? Okay shall we check out some more of these potentially commercial hits? Ok! Top! Let’s do it!

Artist: Belle Rousse
Title: Wild & Free
Keywords: EDM, electro-soul

It’s sometimes good to have titles for songs, it clearly helps to decipher lyrics and saves red cheeks of shame when reporting on something in the wrong way. When I heard the wonderful voice of Belle Rousse sing her song, I thought she sang ‘I’m a freak’… which was clearly not how the lyric went, as it was indeed “Wild & free”. A misheard lyric that was too funny not too mention, yet too wrong to seriously write about. Perhaps it was the distraction that made me hear things wrongly, as she sang in the video clip on a pretty location among green trees on a hill. With a black dress that left enough space for the fresh wind to go through, she clearly enjoys her time in front of the camera; it’s a sight of a songstress in love of the moment in which she is doing her thing & a great thing to hear with your very own ears.

Artist: The Custom Shop
Title:Ain’t No Love…
Keywords: blues, rock

As you could see, most of these artists have been hanging out in better surroundings, exotic locations, green hills, shades of grey, stellar galaxies… maybe it has something to do with the myth that there is little love in the heart of a city. I’m not sure where this place called Nissi’s is located, but it’s there that The Custom Shop had been playing their wise words that warn about a lack of love in the city’. This band plays a style of blues, Motown, rock and R&B and just released an album named Rigged & Broken, one that deserves a lot more love than just a little notion within this post, but you know; time is money & we seem to have neither of them. Still, check out The Custom Shop playing ‘ain’t no love’ as there is a lot of love for music there to be felt:

Artist: Erica Jennings
title: Let’s Get Married in Venice
keywords: jazz, vocals

Another discovery that might tickle your fancy is the warm pleasantness that is coming from the voice and words belonging to Erica Jennings. She has the jazzy vibes and manages to make them come out of her to match the music. She has a lovable album out named ‘New Standards’ and my ears felt pure relaxation by checking it out. Her vocal style is kind, full and smooth, perfectly fit for a night out in a jazz bar, chilling out at home with a glass of wine and a good book, or as a main attraction in a Broadway musical. It didn’t come as a huge surprise when typing her name into youtube to find a freshly uploaded video of her (inclusive cast!) the song ‘Let’s Get Married in Venice’… so much talent, right here:

Artist: Aria Nichols
title: See Where This Goes
keywords: EDM, Future Bass, Trap, Future House

Aria Nichols brings a love song to this episode, one in which the bull horn used by video entrepreneur Vic Berger gets nicely integrated in a big sounding trap tune & carries her grand voice on strong hands far above the others. ‘See Where This Goes’ comes with a video clip in which we meet Aria in her prominent shape and form & a real man (also in his real shape and form). It’s as if it’s giving a sight for the eye, while the music bangs itself in like a modern-day erotic boom blaster.
No idea if any of this made sense, but hey… see where this goes:

…well, I guess that’s all folks for now! Hope you loved this episode, or parts of it…
Remember; you can’t please everyone, but you sure can donate all your money to any of these fine wonderful artists!

Single Mum

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