Marlo Eggplant – Delayed

Artist: Marlo Eggplant
Title: Delayed
Keywords: experimental ambient electronic avant-garde drone noise Leeds
Label: orpus callosum distro

Delayed might be consisting of just two tracks, they are of such a allure that they might be the missing elements that you need in order to make your life complete. Maybe not, but let’s pretend just to make this write-up slightly more important. At first Delayed gives us the right crackle to give you a reason to shudder for a bit. It might give you the impression of a sweet hum and a attempt to growl quietly, but when the time is ready; you might raise a few neck-hairs when she plugs at specific places a few shockwaves of noise. With this the artist might warn you for what Delayed might give you on a later moment in time. But not too quick as Marlo Eggplant wants to trick her listeners into some kind of comfortable feeling before out of nowhere pushing them into a nasty iron noise abyss!

It’s voluminous and might go into a next level form of sound; becoming this noisy abstraction that you might want to take your hat off for. If you don’t take of your hat, this specific part on Delayed might simply swoop it off your head by itself. No problem! It will do its best in order to make itself heard, as if its a call out to the world because it’s of a great importance that everyone should be able to hear & eventually know about Delayed.

The second part swings like a industrial swing on repeat, creating a rhythm that feels as if it’s generated by a gigantic monster machine that has a cold heart made out of steel. It bangs its presence to disturb the normal day silence and made me feel (as a listener) like a tiny person ready to be squashed under a gigantic robotic foot. Half way the music begins to sing like a whaler, one that grabbed me by my ears and brought back some human senses; even though the music might be monstrously big and roaming around in a cold way; it has a soul that wants to be appreciated, accepted, cherished and potentially adored. Don’t worry Delayed even though you frighten me with your steel touch and noisy steps of strength, I know from the inside your are a butterfly wanting to come out!

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