Artist: MUGRE
Title: MUGRE
Keywords: argentina experimental synth experiemental improvisation jazz and improvised music noise Argentine
Label: Adaptador
Reviewer: Theo Stoter

Raw like a rusty blade this music seems to kick in. It might be even better to link it with a rusty singing sword as it sings a melody, although sounds roughed up and the clearly the opposite of being clean cut. If that is what you like or love; this will be gold! Especially when this specific toughness gets a smashing unstoppable rhythm as a tight friend! Together they beat the niceness of the day into pulp, as if it had been a damsel in distress placed on a railroad and a train from Hell is well under way to splatter the victim to a bloody pulp. When the rough rawness shoots multiple high tones of pure nastiness the whole showcase feels nastier than a punk band at their Sunday’s best! The ears will be ringing from the damage and probably sue you for listening to this; but… that’s of a later worry!

Can’t really blame MUGRE for killing the ears with stuff that is interesting enough that you want to hear it. It comes with hearing loss, but in a way the distorted nasty sounds also have a real melodic form of excitement to offer. It’s just rather loud, raw and dirty; a taste and a flavor that might not be for all, but if it’s for you; this is the one that might please you well! It’s like Marmite; you either love it, or you despise it, there seems to be little room in the middle of these two extreme opposites. Personally I love some parts of it, like ‘A poco estamos dispuestas’ which combines the loud music with a beastly rhythm that enriches the powerful parts of the mind into thinking it being invisible! It’s nasty, evil but so easy to feel it and suck the energy up like a vampire with a unstoppable hunger for decay!

The noise might keep your ears buzzing while the release had already been long gone; that’s how effective the release pumps it’s sounds into the fragile ears, making me want to warn you not to play it to the animals, pets and babies. It’s about pleasurable self harm; nobody needs to be bleeding from the sides of the head except the one (you? Your friends?) that dig this stuff tremendously! The outside of my ears looked as if someone emptied two bags of ketchup within them, all overflowing with red stuff… a tissue at hand does miracles & I consider this kind of rhythmic noise action well worth the pain!

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