Mescalibur – Through the wall and then ?

Artist: Mescalibur
Title: Through the wall and then ?
Keywords: escalibur, France, experimental electronic, modular synth improvisation, mad sequencing, analog electronic
Label: Murmure Intemporei

If you expected this to be one of those fine harsh noise wall happenings; you have fooled yourself! This album by Mescalibur takes us from the beginning to the end through a enjoyable glow of audio psychedelics. The wall as referred to in the title, might mean it is so druggy that we could indeed go and step through it at certain points in time. It’s all becoming more and more unreal the more you get to know and get absorbed into this music. This would be a great soundtrack to hear when you loaded yourself up with magical mushrooms, although I must say that on its own in a clean and sober state of mind, the music is intoxicating enough to make you think that you had indeed digested a whole box of shrooms.

It feels as if the sounds are lined up to show you the backdrop of the matrix, the unreal mess of reality, the possibilities to go and step through indestructible walls and obstacles as if they had just been made out of a jelly pudding. It’s not clear to me how things are made and the progression that it takes; creating that perfect sound structure to take me off balance, the material that without violence is able to throw us all of our seats and makes you question our position in life, the world, the galaxy and probably if we are intelligent or rather unstable in the mind? This album makes you basically experience the deep thoughts of having a brain that is deeply fried, without having to deal with the chemical side effects. No braincells will die in the session & you aren’t poisoning yourself in order to ‘feel’ this way.

In any strange case I consider that ‘Through the wall and then ?’ Is a blessing to hear, colorfully curating a audio trip with a rhythmic attitude that might alter your perspective of reality. The place might be upside down, colors might not be the colors what they used to be & modular synth music is not music anymore but some kind of head-shop-drug that is available for free! Can it get any better? I would think not!

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One Response to Mescalibur – Through the wall and then ?

  1. mescalibur says:

    Oh ! thank you ! I love this revew . New release soon .

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