Stank City USA – Bobby

Artist: Stank City USA
Title: Bobby
Keywords: experimental north carolina alternative avant-garde bedroom electronic hypnagogic late night lo-fi minimalist pop vaporwave vgm Windsor
Label: Museum Of Skin

Bobby seems to love them drums, as Bobby’s Bobby is full of them. Steady and stale as if it’s a baton hitting the helmet of a English Bobby in repetitive motion. No brain damage might be inflicted but the Bobby might go home with a mysterious enjoyable headache nonetheless.

Next to them funky drums Bobby 2000 Bobby also seems to showcase its ultimate love for the sound that comes on sporadic occasions out of elephants their trunks. Bobby enjoys it so much that you can hear him singing a wordless song of pure joy, clearly happily celebrating the drums, elephants and himself coming together for a good time. All what is missing is a sweet melody you might think… but no; Bobby can read our minds and gives it that emotionally melodic touching touch to warm even the coldest critic’s heart.

Bobby Bobby Oh My Life For Bobby seems to shake the volume up as that’s what Bobby likes and that’s what Bobby gets. Bobby gets more love with a bombastic slow and sexiness of a fat beat orientated grooviness. Something so round that it might inspire you to drop your pants and dance around like you just don’t care; Bobby-style!

Bobby can’t get enough of rhythm and lucky for Bobby and the Bobby fans ‘Bobby Moral Highground, CUP’ supplied even more. You can hear Bobby himself in awe, screeching out a sign of satisfying relief as the beats sounds wet, tight and juicy. It’s time to take out the pots, pans and spatulas out of the kitchen and join the record by attempting to drum along! For Bobby’s sake and honor; let’s just do it!

The sweet Bobby gets sighted in ‘Bobby Thru The Window’ with a sweet emotional sounding mellow mood our lovely Bobby gets thrown through the window as we all look at it in sheer disbelief. The drums rattle like broken glass, Bobby says nothing (that’s how Bobby is when hearing a cool tune) and house stabs are stuck in his skin, making him bleed for a colorful discotheque effect! Bobby is immortal, would probably jump straight back in to become the resurrected life on the party. With a angelic pure sounding melody at the end it feels as if Bobby had become a light, blessing us all with a last sight of approval. What a pall, Bobby is!

With a last reprising appearance the ghost of Bobby, our hero, lover of drums, elephants, mellow melodies and funky rhythms comes over once more. Here we celebrate the short lived life and death of himself and us all who had known him throughout this cute album; Bobby’s troubled dancing skills are not infected by its sudden fall out of the window as he clearly steals the show among us all! Bobby you will not be forgotten!

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