Test Unit – unit 1 . 1 (un ) easy listening

Artist: Test Unit
Title: unit 1 . 1 (un ) easy listening
Keywords: alternative experimental ambient analogue dark ambient experimental electronic library music noise piano Edinburgh

Uneasy easy listening perfected by this ‘Test Unit’, who created this ‘test’ that combines pretty listening material with the irregular shock value kind of glitch noise, or somehow interlaces the avant-garde melodic playfulness with sounds that might not be in the book of appreciation. However to me personally, a listening session to this easy uneasiness is quite joyful as it kept me on my toes, reducing the risk of falling asleep (a thing that with easy listening music happens frequently) & feeding the brain with a certain sense of unexpectedness that people might find pleasure in.

Wether it’s a kind drone occupying the backdrop space of a light weight piano session, or a heavier set to keep the music on the edge; I do think the balance is there, keeping it all together to become a incalculable audio work that you can count to not be able to complete count upon. Is that a sensible sentence that makes sense? Probably not, but who cares? The grammar police would probably hang itself instantly when visiting this place anyway. Here’s a rope and a chair; have fun!

Stuck come unstuck’ feels like the track that flirts the most towards the noisier side of life. It’s fairly minimal, as if Test Unit plays with the sound of pulling out a sticky roll of tape, followed by placing a fork in a electric socket and finally seductively playing the piano like a gentle soul stuck in the lobby of a posh hotel. Also the voice plays a important part in this Test of uneasy easy listening. A poetic voice might nibble itself in like some kind of storyteller at a open mic night, or one that pops up multiple time in the last track (xenolalia) to tease and probably annoy you until the uneasy easy listening session becomes a easy uneasy listening episode. Is this something for you, your friend, friends, neighbors, family members, lovers and pet animals? I haven’t the slightest idea; the best thing is to gather them together and do the ‘test’ with them by playing this release out loud and check their (and your own) reactions. My personal reaction on listening this whole thing through? – I still had fallen asleep, but unlike normal easy listening sessions; my eyes had stayed firmly opened!

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