Toxic Chicken & Furchick – Furchick puzzled by Toxic Chicken

Artists: Toxic Chicken & Furchick
Title: Furchick puzzled by Toxic Chicken
Keywords: experimental, Perth
Label: Dog Park

I don’t know about you, but I like to puzzle. It’s the only game that I’m able to win; not the puzzles with a million pieces, but the ones of 4 up to sixteen pieces are my kind of thing. Crossword versus Sudoku poop puzzles for on the toilet, real authentic easy puzzles on the living room’s floor and inconclusive audio puzzles are happening in the studio. Ninety five percent of my life I spend my time on puzzling; even I’m puzzled by it. Cutting a sandwich with strawberry jam into pieces and I’ll attempt to put it back together, unpeeled a orange; I’ll fix the peel into a state as that it was in before minus the eatable bits.

Next to puzzles (the few percent that I have left in my day) I spend listening to music. Another hobby that went out of control. Listening from one music thing into the other, barely having any time for silence planned into this puzzling life style. Once I fell into the trap of listening to the inspiring music as created by the Australian ambassador of experimental music and love; Furchick, I not only had to go out on hunting sprees to find her loose tracks on the many compilations, but also all her albums and collaborative experiments had to be obsessively tracked down and documented. From fieldrecordings to youthful recordings, to self invented robots to music celebrating moonboots; there was and still is never a dull moment in the likable music journey of discovering the music of Furchick.

But because both hobbies went out of control, trying to eat time off from each other, resulting in the puzzling time and music listening time having arguments who would be the dominating factor in my daily life, I somehow managed to combine them both efficiently. The jealousy as seen by both the hobbies had instantly stopped to exist and fell into each other like two lovebirds on their wedding night. I had spread as much Furchick goodies in front of me, sorted them out in a way that suited the new mutated hobby the most & chopped it all up like a gigantic broken puzzle that has ultimate unlimited ways to be solved. There could be no mistakes, even if puzzle pieces got missing or they didn’t really wanted to fit into each other; they sounded as if it was furfect! Puzzles with more than 16 pieces and able to win all the time; a true blessing of joy to spend whole days on!

After puzzling a half hour set I had send it to the creator of the puzzle pieces and big inspirational collaborator and lovable friend Furchick, who on her own started to play with the audio, resulting in a joyful audio puzzle-adventure in which listening and puzzling and being puzzled by the combination of them all, really felt like the ultimate hobby among all hobbies! The ultimate puzzles among puzzles that hopefully not only was fun to puzzle, but is also lots of fun for anyone (including ourselves!) to hear! Besides it feels like a superglued furry friendship egg among chicks; isn’t it fun? Free download over at dog park! Just in time for all the holiday activities… merry pre-Christmas and pre-happy new year, puzzle friends!

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3 Responses to Toxic Chicken & Furchick – Furchick puzzled by Toxic Chicken

  1. Linda says:

    This release BLEW ME AWAY!!! It is indeed FURRFECT! It has all the elements for ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Beautiful sounds, perfectly balanced, never getting boring, compositions. Beautiful drone to fly away on and goto track 1.

    BEST RELEASE OF 2017!! really really really. I could say all this because I'd be biased loving everything that comes out of the toxic chick. But for reelz, this is A+++ material!! ❤ Best collab everer, should have seen it coming this year, yet it surprises me like a door in the face. Being a happy door. With fur, softly brushing the ears and the nose and making me happily bouncing around. Love you chickies!!

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