Andrea Pensado + id m theft able – Andrea Pensado + id m theft able

Artists: Andrea Pensado + id m theft able
Title: Andrea Pensado + id m theft able
Keywords: experimental avant garde experimental noise portland maine sound poetry Portland

Everyone knows a Andrea, or at least they should know one. There are so many Andreas out there, if you haven’t met any you probably should go out more. If you are coincidentally a Andrea; try finding people who have never met you, as everyone for sure can use a Andrea in their lives. Simply because they bring so much excitement to the life that we are living, of course it wouldn’t be fair to strike all Andreas in one corner as if it was a a race, but it is true; by definition all Andreas are cool people, always bringing something to the party that people (the ones that aren’t named Andrea) never seem to bring!

The Andrea here on this excellent release of live experiments seems not to only have brought her own voice, electronics and fun loving persona to the gathering of sounds, she had also brought his legendary friend id m theft able to the party. I don’t know if you know id m theft able, as unlike the Andreas, it’s a exclusive named individual that also comes with his own peculiar vocal abilities and insane outbursts in the poetic electronica world… You can imagine that the pair of them really have had their feet deep into this album, instantly rumbling around in a scientific experiment in which both characters seem to challenge & push each others borderlines between sanity and insanity, creating a operatic madness in which they squirt their high voltage personalities into the ears of anyone that was (and is!) brave enough to face their genius border-hopping lunacy.

It’s a strange story that seem to unfold, it is as if both characters scream out loud to showcase their feathers. It’s as if they are performing in some kind of collaborative fight, fighting for who is the best life bringer of the party among them two. Luckily for the courageous listeners they seem to be of a similar height and made out of a similar wood. In their togetherness they create a psychopathic soundscape that doesn’t sound dark or evil, but more as if a jazzy mutated version of charley Chaplin had been wearing a tutu and had been making decorations out of humans together with butt-buddy Ed Gein. It’s edgy fun, at times extremely extreme and at other times more timid and party-like. But with these two even the sweeter softer parts feel intense, wether they vibrantly hum as if they just came in their pants, or are paralyzed by their own found sound sensations; they are like a pact that if you would hire them for a kids party; children would be highly entertained and freaked out at the same time! I don’t think a kid would cry, it would probably be just a audience that would be deadly silent…

For the listeners who hear this album in their own time and space, it’s a time we’ll spend. Every second seems to be filled with action. Objects, freaky sounds, dentist horror noises, vocal expressions, anti music and electricity, human spit and quirky alien abstractions. Now if you think that any other Andrea will bring such a weird spectacle to your ears, it is only partly true, all Andreas are cool but this mad man is adding something to the already coolness that is attached to the named. The Andrea over here has a surname that most other Andreas do not own. It is Pensado. Andrea Pensado. Shaken and disturbed like a female James Bond after too much action. Andrea Pensado + id m theft able as a duo feel like two hands on one belly; it’s as good as impossible to identify who did what and who is who in this audio spectacle, meaning that this specific Andrea and the one and only id m theft able come across as if they are one person; highly creative, always on the edge, uncountable and heavily melted into each other for the sake of pure audio entertainment. Do you want to hear it? Lucky for you, here is a link:

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