Agnes Pe – MEC700

Artist: Agnes Pe
Title: MEC700
Keywords: devotional snes devotional hang playing hedge monkeys hijackmidi randomness snescore unplunderphonics Lleida

When diving into the color scheme of Agnes Pe her digital home for this specific release, you might notice that track titles are there, but more of a backdrop than a important forefront bunch of characters. Might this be done because in the world of this artist the music and the sound comes first & foremost? I guess so, as when listening to this album it’s definitely the audio works that will speak for themselves towards the imagination, so much so that if the release had been nameless, it would still be a interesting case for full on fascination.

Lately Agnes Pe seems to have gone on a roll, doing live performances resulting in freeform pop experimentalism that will leave you cheerful like a happy bird that is too high up a tree, so elevated that the neighborhood cat won’t even attempt to reach it. However on this special episode our experimental friend seems to have taken a different approach, she smartly took Mecano songs in midi form and fed them (with colorful results!) to a Super Nintendo emulator! It might be here that Agnes Pe went to sit back (like us as the listening participants) and viewed the whole outcome as a satisfyingly weird parade that would clearly set our minds into that one of a soundtrack of a unexpectedly sweet gaming adventure. She let the Mecano songs and the emulator do their own thing & the results are fascinatingly odd and satisfyingly strange. You can imagine Agnes Pe with her feet on the desk, chilling out while observing it all from a scientist perspective. Let these little friends roam and run around & enjoying them as newly born experimental poppy pets that are strangely adorable to peek at.

It feels as if each track is occupied by a cast of jubilant characters that are cute like pixelated kitty cats, wide eyed dollies and heavy hints of cartoonish landscapes in which all is in harmony and yet extraordinarily weird. When I listened with my eyes closed it gave me the bizarre feeling of sitting on a green cute little dinosaur, a jolly friend who jumps around from psychedelic cuteness to parts that are delusional and heavy loaded with a cuteness overload, something so lovable that it would almost instantly would provide a surrogate vibe of a sugar rush.

It’s a pop world as executed through a singing digital madness, something that somehow managed to be in the right balance to be listenable and yet insane making at the same time. The tracks have that perfect poppy length making each experiment into one that is long enough to get into and short enough to not drive you over the edge towards the nearest hospital for the bizarre. It’s a kookie experiment that Agnes Pe had cooked up & stored here to share with us. You can not only enjoy the music, but you can also feel the enjoyment that the artist herself must have had when she too heard the outcomes of her experiment for the very first time. Its a pretty joyful event of music that speaks for its own and is available for all of us at the following finest link:

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