Grey Pale Sinister – Disarray By Bewitchment – L’Oratoire Cyclique

Artist: Grey Pale Sinister
Title: Disarray By Bewitchment – L’Oratoire Cyclique
Keywords: experimental darkness heavy indie uncommon Champigny Sur Marne

The holiday season is in full glory, some of us are seated in the sun and others might even experience true winter time. Our beloved underground deity that has been mailing us about this special album has not given up, it is of high importance to the artist (probably a case between life and death!) that we hear, write and share it here with you on this fabulous festive day. Are you ready for it? Here it comes:

The one and only Grey Pale Sinister is back with a furious attack of a somewhat cheerful holiday lunacy. It’s starts with the tempting work behind the full mouthed title ‘Le règne des imposteurs’. Here the artist takes our ears, opens them up and jams in a fair take of a rambling electric guitar. It feels energetic and cold, like massive hail that had come down from the sky with a certain urge to hit someone’s head. It’s gone and over before full damage could have been done, leaving the deed up to “Justice by the Holy Sun”, the next expression in line on this anticipated release.

Here we can hear our tormented musician being soaked into its own debris of metallic playfulness. His voice is as if it’s one with the unforgiving guitar, spreading itself like a well lubed pace that has no time for breaks, naps or rests; Grey Pale Sinister is on a mission here and nothing is out to stop him or his arts.

The man puts more salt in our wounds with the tremendous third work on this release titled ‘you’ve changed’. The music expression might make you want to freak out. The material’s heavy mood, eccentric speedy drums and the creepiness of the artist’s voice well integrated with its ludicrous guitar sound, gives it the charm of a experience that is pretty intense. The last one named ‘L’Aube de l’Hiver’ seems to push the boundaries of these tracks to the final max, with his voice impersonating a tweeting bird, a pastor or a demon that wishes us all to end our lives; in just a couple of minutes we seem to be able to meet a collection of personalities that have seemingly possessed Grey Pale Sinister. The abrupt ending might make us wonder if one of these characters had pulled the plug for the others…

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