Harley Cream – eulogium EP

Artist: Harley Cream
Title: eulogium EP
Keywords: alternative electronic alternative pop lo-fi pop witch house Poland

Being delirious in the world of Harley Cream isn’t so bad, in fact it sounds like music. No weird backwards psychopathic anxious bizarreness, but more a introduction to a state of mind in which the release seems to be created. It’s a good place to be, as it feels as if the producer had somehow managed to slip us into his bed, ready to melt our minds with his sensual croaky voice whispering into our ears, warming us up with a certain awkward comfort and a strange enjoyable tension. Somehow I’m glad Harley Cream isn’t Bill Cosby as that would have certainly have ruined the whole atmosphere. The music might make us feel a bit druggie, but we are certainly still awake and aware, ready to lay our heads on the artist’s chest of music as he serenades a moonless night in a sultry way.

Let’s say that Harley Cream’s style on this expression could be described as being ‘dark romantic’. With his track named “died” he spices this vibe up with a feeling as if he had invited a bunch of flying bats into the one-on-one bedroom listening situation. There is something truly exiting in bringing this Gothic flavor into the already hot sounding scene: Might this be the perfect soundtrack for some romantic bloodsucking under dark cloths? Somehow Harley Cream manages to blend nightmares with sensual sweet erotic tainted dreams, with his ‘Live in the sky’ he seems to showcase this togetherness with a true glam perfectionism. With a transformed voice, a authentic violin and eccentric slow rolling rhythm he elevates creepiness into something that sounds very appetizing.

All the way at the end Harley Cream comes with another warm case of audio pleasure. With a repetitive soothing sound he forms a rhythmic wooziness that feels close and yet mysteriously distant. When he exchanges it for a spooky ambience along with a experimental cranky witchy beat, it feels as if the act of satisfaction had arrived & we now could all fly out of the window for a night of more adventure. Not sure if the deliriously produced eulogium EP was intended to be so intensive in the dark romantic department, but if so; it worked, as I would love to be able to climb back through the open window and hear some more of this!

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