Carmine Russotti – The Dream Maker

Artist: Carmine Russotti
Title: The Dream Maker
Keywords: pop, EDM

Here at YIKIS we are reasonable suckers for pop. So when Carmine Russotti’s slumbering hit single ‘The Dream Maker’ flew by, we sucked it up & swallowed it till the last drop: what a catchy song & such a fun video clip! It reminds me of this blissful trick of magic that we engage occasionally in here on the work floor; we write on a piece of paper what we want & wait till it indeed comes our way. Sometimes it takes ages, months or entire life times but eventually what gets written on the paper would become reality. The pen and the paper are our helpers to make all our dreams come true.

Some of us dreamt of having a family & received a family. Others wrote down the wish for great wealth and not long later a truck full of money came to dump its load in their backyards. Not sure if Carmine Russotti had also used this magical technique to wish for a excellent pop song to sing and do, to become a beloved pop star with magical powers ,but if that was the case; the trick seems to have proven itself yet again! You just got to believe in it when you pen it down, trust it and you will see you can be your own dream to reality converter!

In the video clip directed by Eugene Choe the paper method seems to be replaced by a busy manager who seemingly had promised the artist a fruitful music career, followed by Carmine Russotti becoming the dreammaker himself who guarantees to be real, not a hater or a faker who can make all your dreams come true. Ideal for people that do not have pen and paper, are illiterate or simply would love to deal with a real life genie that proofs it’s magic by performing a song that simply cannot get out of your head. Maybe now the hit is still slumbering around but we believe that slowly but surely it would become the biggest hit on the planet. Launching Carmine Russotti as one of the most successful artists of all time!


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