Stekkerdoos – Fietst

Artist: Stekkerdoos
Title: Fietst
Keywords: experimental, contact mic female vocals improvisation improvised live performance art performances samples The Hague

These are the apparent tests done by Stekkerdoos who for this conceptual release had been (I presume) cycling for many kilometers & recorded the sounds of the bike for manipulation while on her way. I do not know if these bicycle sounds have been played with at a later date or that the performing artist had managed to make a portable sound laboratory on her bike for sound experiments while cycling around. It doesn’t matter Sound-wise how and when Stekkerdoos created these tracks, as here they come as audio works only, ready to put more wood on the fire of the listener’s imagination.

It’s not only the sound of the cycling on her bicycle, but also the artist herself who accompanies the mostly rhythmic sound experiments with the pleasure that is her voice. She doesn’t sound out of breath, so she must be a true sportive cyclist with enough long capacity if she rode and expressed herself vocally at the same time. Her vocal experiments are keeping themselves recognizable in their human form, sometimes hazy but always as if she is channeling some kind of dreamworld. The sounds however seem to steal the show for me, getting so abstract and reformed that the bicycle becomes a abstract element, a tool that only seems to exist in the imagination. A bike? A cycle? Does it exist in this world? In the hands of Stekkerdoos even such a concrete touchable object seems to be able to melt into the fictional realm.

With every experiment Stekkerdoos proofs to me that the options are borderless. You can cycle everywhere & the sounds from it can go anywhere in all kinds of directional styles. Little melodies could be created, or something warm and mystique, sudden dreamy bits or more vague-ish drone or industrial action; Stekkerdoos seems to be able to explore the bicycle sound manipulation in many waves, shapes and forms that you would see the traveling device more and more as the paint on a surreal painters brush than a thing to sit on and move your legs with. There is lots of bonus tracks to explore as well, so when er you are ready to explore the artist exploring the music instrument that is the bicycle, please proceed to the following link:

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