E GONE – Brilliant Apparatus EP

Artist: E GONE
Title: Brilliant Apparatus EP
Keywords: experimental grace jones hökarängen vincent price drone dub electronic folk kitsch lo-fi modular synth psychedelic folk Stockholm

Okay, okay. I’ve given this one already a review… but you know it’s so good (and I’m probably so mad?) ; it deserves another! So here it is:

With ectoplasm the ears of a listener will get licked in sparkling ways, leaving them rinsed and glittery. What a lovely bit of audio flattery this openings track is; wish all music would be so revitalizing as this cute short flirtatious flirt.

It got me in the mood for love, but as there was no one to share it with I took the Liber Null Tango alone with a broomstick as my sensual dancing partner. The music was electronic, the night was young, the moves. Smooth, the flamboyant hip moves; pure and priceless. Only thing that was missing was a rose in my mouth and some candles on the ground, but next to these missing elements the vibe was great and surprisingly romantic.

After that me and the broomstick took some needed hits of LSD and sank our heads into the Brilliant Apparatus. With acidic coolness it took us both by surprise how much fun this was. The synth sounds, nastier and cool gave us a great feel of euphoria, maybe a bit on the dark side but that side is severely powerful; great to regain energy and look insanely psychopathic out of all our eyes. Towards the end I accidentally broke the broomstick dancing partner in little pieces; so be careful with who you enjoy this superb music with. Enjoy but don’t get hurt or hurt someone in the process of reacting to this music.

But no tears and no regrets as with Hökarängen the music made all good that was once bad. It gave me the warm sense of sensible sensibility. The music made me pick up a roll of sticky tape and simply taped the broken broom professionally together. When the broomstick was as good as one the music changed into a uplifting happy mood, one with guitar, organ tones and a dubby feel good vibe. As you could imagine; me and the broomstick embraced the love and danced like nobody was watching!

Last but not least the both of us listened cheerfully to the wonderful sounds of music, aka The Autumn Equinox of 1993. We chilled on the floor as loving synthesizer goodness would warm us up, a glow of peace and pure relief had come out of the speakers… the broomstick decided to kiss me and my cheeks became pinkish from the enjoyment of listening to great loving music with a really nice partner… check out Brilliant Apparatus alone or with a partner (a broomstick would do fine!) as it’s too good to be enjoyed alone:

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