experiMENTALien meets AIN23 – Chaos Trilogy

Artists: experiMENTALien meets AIN23
Title: Chaos Trilogy
Keywords: aain23 abstract ambient cesar naves cgr completely gone recordings experimental i.v. martinez josh mccurdy psychedelic tokee experimentalien California
Label: Completely Gone Recordings

The tensions are high within this intriguing (and foremost) intoxicating audio world of pure trickery. The sounds that make you wander or fly around like a lost soul that had somehow passed a portal into a strange unearthly world in which everything is a mystery. The eerie tones of being lost will be quickly overwritten by the thoughts of pure wonder; what is this place and who created it? They must be Devine creatures channeling their extraordinary planet into our semi reality. Might this planetary world be called Chaos?

The audio seems to be our guide towards losing our marbles. We don’t need them as they seem to be useless in this exotic alien soundscape in which we can’t recognize a single familiar thing. Maybe monsters lurk in the corners, maybe these creatures are secretly our equivalent of friends; maybe we are food and they are hungry. Nobody knows, but the wonders in this world are pretty immersive, eating reality away as we always had known it & spinning it into a spiral trap so it might not ever come back in it’s known shape or form.

In here, what would be normally called noises are now simply perceived as music, as every corner seems to be loaded with it. A manic puzzle in which abstractness becomes the opposite. The strange sensation of being deprived from anything normal, but at the same time being rewarded with a madness so Devine that you wouldn’t call it madness anymore, it’s overwhelming and intriguing. A clear case of wizardry of the highest kind, one that not only blows the mind, it is so strong that you would simply toss it away voluntarily as it becomes irrelevant and useless. There is no way to comprehend this Chaos, to pull straight lines between our daily lives and this bizarre dimension.

Odd as it may seem (as the place comes across to be quite dark and dodgy) you wouldn’t really want to escape it. In some kind of hypnotic way the Chaos will takes us deeper and deeper into its claws, sucking us all in to the point of no return. Luckily for us, the surreal soundscape can be survived & even though it’s loaded with eerie undertones, the only conceivable thing to hold onto (“the audio”) functions as our protector and safety net. Our trustworthy tour guide that will bring us from one dense side to the other & all the way towards the end, delivers us straight home like a good hearted chaperone that happens to be a alien.

The Chaos Trilogy as a album is enough to sink your head in, but as it is released through Completely Gone Recordings they thought it wouldn’t be enough! You can get this album on DVD to experience this intensive trip with carefully crafted psychedelic visuals by CEsar Naves. If you combine it with those special mushrooms you will be gone… uh I mean ‘entertained’ for a very long time!

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