Serreau Gangloff Mancini Nicolaï Geoffroy – /\

Artists: Serreau Gangloff Mancini Nicolaï Geoffroy
Title: /\
Keywords: 2 boules vanille kids futuroscope salsa sparkling drones triggé-décalé France
Label: Cocktail Pueblo

YIKIS receives so many requests; listen to this / listen to that & while you are at it, can you stick your ears in this thing here? Still each and every time when indeed peeking into the big pile of waiters in the waiting list, each and every time the music comes as a surprise. Like this recent waiter (skipping the long line!) named /\ by Serreau Gangloff Mancini Nicolaï Geoffroy. Title wise and artists wise I was fully clueless, but when clicking that tempting ‘play’ button it felt like being instantly rewarded with the unexpectedness that this exciting release gives.

With a fair instant rhythmic attack /\ instantly swings us into the underground realm of dancefloor entertainment. A determent groovy take of manic pounding makes everything wobble and shake to its funky core. My toes all the way to the hairs on top of my head became one with the beat and bass, intoxicating the soundwave area with a progressive psychedelic roadmap that wipes us all up as if we are sportive beginners and the music a unforgiving personal trainer. No mercy for our stiff bones; the energy is superbly contagious!

The /\ comes with two takes, both roll down the energetic path of rhythm and hypnotics. Somehow the balance is right there, intoxicating anyone without even knowing that they are being soaked up to join the funny farm’s dance group. With music like this we can all loosen up our bodies, shake them wild as if we attended a club for wannabe spiritual beings that commercialized ‘the freedom to move’ to get the money out of confused hipster’s pockets.

But let’s hope that this awesome album doesn’t end up in the hands or arms of these charlatans & stays into the surroundings of actual cool people like you who took the time to read all this. Yes, my internet friend; you are the coolest & don’t you forget that! This music will suit you as it has that beastly energy that will take out the best of you, sets you out on a vibe that will light up your eyes and makes the blood in your meat boil with new found life! It’s awesome music and only you deserve to hear it! Here you go, friend.. this one is for you:–3

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