The Bordellos – Faves

Artist: The Bordellos
Title: Faves
Keywords: brian bordello pop st helens indie pop indie rock pop the bordellos Liverpool
Label: Now Music

Hello. I’m writing to you from the dystopian future. As a reporter (knowing that you are still very much living in the past) I’m obliged to let you know about life here. Everything is strange, the hairstyles, people’s dressing sense and the interactions among each other. There is simply too much to report on that would do this place place justice, so I wanted to focus on one peculiar aspect that had catches my eyes and ears; The Bordellos are everywhere! Everything seems to have been touched or influenced by this special band that had been shimmering for years in the shimmering underground.

But here the modern equivalent of electric billboards had them covered in superb large proportions, out of the bypassing flying ‘cars’ you could hear their most precious songs play, their sounds are everywhere as they simply lid up the streets & I even witnessed a street performance of ‘Pretty Rich Girl’ by affectionate performers. People in the future held hands together, quite clearly having their hearts melted through the exposure of all that is The Bordellos.

Who could have known that they would hit it big? After all the commercial gate keepers of popular music had always been against these fellows and their honesty. The fact that they knew that and wrote songs of protests and ridicule, or even went against all odds by releasing their music in that (now so beloved) lo-fi temperament & even give their beloved songs away for free… it’s unclear as what and how it all happened, but it’s fair to say that the future (as I’m witnessing it here) is not only fruitful for The Bordellos career, but seemingly from my perspective also for the entire world.

The influence of the sincere sounding songs have melted citizens their hearts, resulting in a (as far that I can tell) much more respectful community. A surreal form of safety simply lays within this future, one that is oddly safeguarded by The Bordellos that look at the people in the shape of life sized cardboard cutouts from many windows. It’s surreal this future, as if the Bordellos have whipped out memories of The Beatles, Elvis had long gone to leave the building and the band had become more popular than a cult of personality. But instead of them being scary or abusive they seem to have made the folks more sensitive, lovable and not afraid to fail or cry. Thanks to the Bordellos mysterious rise of popularity the people had become human again, singing their favorite Bordellos songs together as a communal accumulation of love and harmony.

In this future things have become more simpler, more harmonious and in sync. People dare to become themselves again and as far as I can tell; rock and roll had also been resurrected! I could see the bars and future discotheques cater the more raw Bordello tunes to a immersive diverse crowd of party people. As a person from the past I’m entertained and surprised at the same time. I would not think that this would be the future & when I first arrived I had my doubts about it all… but no, I could stay here. Let these futuristic people worship, adore and celebrate The Bordellos. I can live with seeing their faces and hearing their songs everywhere; as seeing their influence of making the humans humane and honest again is almost like a miracle that have become true! Let’s hope you all live long enough to witness this unexpected change of life! Don’t worry, the future is bright and in very good hands. Besides there is even a bit of sunshine! So what more could a person ask for?

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