Ladonna Rama – Choo Choo Train

Artist: Ladonna Rama
Title: Choo Choo Train
Keywords: electronic lgbt dance electro electropop gay house ladonna rama lgbt queer sydney Sydney

Somewhere in the year 2016 at the Broken hill regional art center a spectacle had happened. It was not a priceless new painting on the wall that received a well willing applause, it was something that happened near the stairs. A performance by Ladonna Rama who moves hips like a sensual snake & wears hair as a cloak of decency. The song in question was Choo Choo train, tricking me and the audience into thinking that there would be a impersonation of a actual train happening. This misconception only helped to the surprise from this entertainer’s entertainment. We all had been stunned by the artist shuddering the body like a confident diva, singing like a strong singer whose voice had no problem to penetrate through the massive layer of hair.

Ladonna Rama standing fierce on high heels so not to let the hair touch the unhygienic art center’s floor. No disrespect to the hard working cleaners responsible for cleaning the building, but i wouldn’t lick it. The happening had been captured to function as proof to doubtful people who refuse to believe such a thing happened & now on the first day of 2018 we dug it up and share it here with you. Why? Because the universe wants it to happen and I do not argue with the universe. So here you have it, take it or leave it:

For the album version of Choo Choo Train, please help yourself to the other end of the following link:

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1 Response to Ladonna Rama – Choo Choo Train

  1. Ladonna Rama says:

    Thankyou dear darlings! You are absolutely special and gorgeous x x luv always from Ladonna Rama

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