R. Stevie Moore – Nobody Pays Me Much Mind Until I’m Gone

Artist: R. Stevie Moore
Title: Nobody Pays Me Much Mind Until I’m Gone
Keywords: electronic experimental minimalism pop rock synth experimental homerecording indie rock lofi psychedelic rock synth Los Angeles
label: Doomtrip

R. Stevie Moore listens to the sound of himself not trending. Why is he not trending? Perhaps because he isn’t a dress that people online aren’t sure about which color it has? Maybe it’s because he is still alive? Might it be that his true followers, fans and fanatics aren’t the social media crowd? Is it because he didn’t make a really shit movie in which someone is tearing a Lisa apart? We might never know the truth (for now), still it’s a interesting question as R. Stevie Moore is the super talented artist that has been around for many, many, many prolific years & with his immersive oeuvre you should think he is a real trend setter. When you dive back in underground history there is a big chance to find his name somewhere on a record sleeve & look into the future and there he is as well!

I don’t care much about trending as that seems to be reserved for death and bullshit, but I do find it a mystery why someone like Paul Mcartney is everywhere and a R. Stevie Moore is still struggling to become the household name that he so much deserves. Goddamnit the man is capable of almost anything! Just look at this fine album over here brought to us by the beloved Doomtrip records, it’s a lengthy one in which a whole parade of skills attend, underlining that this is a artist many can’t compare themselves with. He might be a music maniac, but that’s what makes it all so intriguing and good; a seemingly never ending form of enthusiasm and urge to explore and try things simply sits within Moore’s character.

He holds up his sleeves for rambling pop, manages to inject humor in great music skills, screws his voice in so many ways he could surely (on his very own) fill up a whole cast of characters for a audio play! From pretty, to high pitched, cool to silly but always with this kind of enthusiasm that never seems to lose its novelty. If you pull yourself into this album you simply will be on a ride of the artist’s creations. Never reducing the surprise elements & always a step ahead. One moment you are smirking from hilarious tongue in the cheek lyrics pronunciations and the other you will be hopelessly impressed by big drums, timid melodic chamber music with a high classical sense & yet another you will be surprised of the man’s many voices!
He is everything, from poetic to surreal, to concrete and rock popping his way around, to the front man of a grandiose sounding big band! Wether if the man plays a wordless song on a guitar or goes for a seventies twist; all the music sounds honest and with a good touch of self knowledge. He is serious and has humor and somehow the mix and match of blending both throughout this album makes his music not only enjoyable quality entertainment, it also makes the still not trending legend a bit more human. Who doesn’t love a human that is so into music making & so unstoppable in what he does? I don’t think a recognized singer songwriter like a (let’s say) McCarthy didn’t do anything relevant in the nowadays, money might be the killer of all creativity, but R. Stevie Moore? Trending or not trending; this highly underrated talented man is on fire! There is simply no way of stopping him! Give this man’s album a listen and drop that #steviemoore hashtag around like a fanatic fan boy/ girl lunatic!

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1 Response to R. Stevie Moore – Nobody Pays Me Much Mind Until I’m Gone

  1. Bless you. RSTVMOR on Mars

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