Mórtola – Alive

Artist: Mórtola
Title: Alive
Keywords: acoustic london rock girl internet London

This addictive release starts with a minimal, but perfect sounding .’Swans’ in which a lonely sounding beat meets icy synths to create something to melt hearts with. The artist voice rides this music as if she is pulse of life, warming up the coldness of the sound and warming it up with a warm rounded vocal sound that is mysterious and yet super soothing. I don’t know about you, but here the ears wished to be bigger!

I have no problem to drift away on this next electric goodie named ‘Alive’ in which spacious music sets a more fuller futuristic sound. It is a bit like being in a surreal scene inside a non existing movie, one in which Victoria Elisa Mórtola rules like a warrior armed with her voice as the weapon of choice, ready to throw it out whenever it is needed. Somehow it made me think of a grey blue sky in which a graceful gigantic flying dragon moves around, with the artist standing fierce on top. Nobody can screw this area as music wise this is the territory that she had created and knows all the ins and outs from. She knows we are here peeking in, enjoying the music and the impressive sight of the landscape that the music generates within our own imagination.

With a musical intermezzo named interlude, the release injects a sleepy rock inducing moment to the collection. As it is abrupt at the end, you will suddenly be thrown into the Sea. A song that sounds like a fresh salty breeze, one that opens up the eyes and makes you feel a bit more alive. With a relaxed rhythm, sultry vocals and a jangling melody that goes in the ears like a song that you will recognize among a line up if thousands. The style is cool, relaxed and I would like to say ‘dope’ even though that word had long lost its charm. It feels like the strongest song on the release, the lyrics go in like a passionate odor of opium; once you are used to it you simply cannot get enough of it!

After it comes ‘feel’ in which the artist sings in a intensive way, that even though there is a whole arsenal of music going on to provide its mystique intriguing soundtrack vibe, it’s her voice that steels the show. She sings as if she is somewhere far away in your own head, like a magical character that exactly knows which brain part to pull to make you want to be listening to this track forever. How she fades it back in when it had gone is a great trick providing false hope that staying in ‘feel’ would be possible. Luckily for us the album gives us one more personal song to shimmeringly fall in love with. This is Junk, a song that feels like the goodbye track in which the artist leaves us through a mystified way; leaving us all begging for more…

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