Más Putas que el Papa y Las Mujeres del Plop!

title: Más Putas que el Papa y Las Mujeres del Plop!
keywords: mas putas que el papa, mujeres, plop, policarpa salavarrieta, artemisia gentileschi, sor juana ines de la cruz, pop, san francisco, made in usa, 2017, musica nueva

I don’t even know where to start with this one, Hell, I’m not even sure what’s the artist or project’s name and what’s the title! That is only beneficial as the music deserves that touch of wicked mystery! When you roll your dice and decide to fall into this music, you will be greatly greeted with sensual hotness and a rhythm that feels like you have arrived at a cult banquet & you are their dinner and desert!

But you know what? Hearing more of this whatever-it-is will make you a happy edible character as with music so sensual and under the table; it’s a clear honor to be munched by this music. With a sunny hotness you can feel the exotic spiciness prepping up your ears for great taste.
The music, as lo-fi as it might be, feels like they are big and we (the listener) small. The voices are life a red lid coal, cozy and hot. The music itself is like a seduction that takes the mind away, drowning us in pleasure, not even resisting our faith as a snack!

You can’t help but feel obliged to stay put as the lyric goes ‘plop, plop, plop, plop… It’s here that the cult within this music spikes our minds with a complete psychedelic take-over, tripping the mind out with a sedation that will leaves us all drooling; ready to be placed in the soup! The music makers are seemingly pleased by these results, as they started to rap in multiple languages, soulful like Minnie Mouse on helium and a Casio keyboard as the drum provider!

When we slightly sober up, the female vocalist introduces herself; she is the president. She informs us that every woman has a song to sing and a story to tell & hers seems to be one in full fling; she is out to change the whole world! After the clear message the music gets the pulse of a chilled out warrior zone. A bass is the main vibe provider with a soulful voice that takes care of us and all the ingredients in the soup that we seemingly have been placed in. My toes are dancing in the bottom of the pot; the music is irresistible and hypnotic.

The more we go deeper into this free zone of underground music, the view becomes more lucid and intoxicating. Slowly but surely the soup is starting to bowl and one sip from it makes us instantly high as a kite! The album makes the whole scenery into a blurry psychedelic zone, in which the voices seems to be the rulers, the sounds the drugs and us the drugged out spectators that might or might not get eaten towards the end.

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