Parallax ‘4 – Garden Of Mind

Artist: Parallax ‘4
Title: Garden Of Mind
Keywords: electroacoustic electronic experimental minimalism piano synth experimental indie rock psychedelic rock synth Los Angeles
Label: Doom Trip

Garden Of Mind is one of these albums that you should not look away from. It’s easy to do as the artwork might not give you the right hint of how beautiful its content is, but the music makes well up for the lack of color at first sight. Amazingly all these tracks have been recorded live with no overdubs, creating a bunch of magical moments captured here all together for our musical enjoyment. If you are in need for something beautiful and good, you won’t need to look through binoculars in the far distance, but just ‘here’; this is it, people. The album of the day!

Let me tell you about some of the tracks on it. Cracks in the Crystal’ is like listening to a world in which everything that you see is made and shaped out of ice. The shine through blocks of hardened water, decorated with nice color shades of blue and purple; they are a joy to watch and wander through. Even the floor is made out of this substance, cracking sweetly while our presence slowly floats around this place of wonder. When you think of ice, you might think of it being cold; but this fantasy generated by this track, proofs the rather opposite. It’s a wonderful warm place, in which all ice seems to be like crystal; shiny, smooth and redefining fineness. It’s the ice palace that will never melt, yet warm enough to leave our winter coats in a storage at home…

With the next chapter on this album, we move towards the artist conception of ‘leaves’. You can hear them twirling down in all their shapes, colors and sizes. They flow kindly like little wings towards the earth, ready to be greeted by other who had fallen before. You can hear the excitement and the wonder of this happening within the music, capturing the event as if experienced through the enthusiastic eyes and mindset of a child that still finds it fascinating & beautiful. The wooden sound of rhythm made me dream of the woodpecker, wondering why the leaves fall and if it happens because of the impact from the bird’s little beak banging on the wood… it’s not a dream, but a fine case of a real life picture, executed through music in the most visual way possible.

After it we are being served ‘Cloud’. It sounds exactly how you would think a cloud would sound like. Humble, fluffy, grand, filled with lightweight water, wooly… its flying high in the sky, gently moving in one direction (unless clouds stands still and the earth itself moves around them?) and you could hear the little drops of condense tickling the recording microphone. It’s a work that not only seem to represent a cloud, but also the state of a pure monk that had gone into a state of next level deepness in meditation.

The album moves to ‘Window’ which feels like the fragile flat surface that stands mostly in vertical position. Somehow the music over here gives us much more detail than your average window would do, feeding us little bright melodies that feel like weather elements that have effected the surface to draw intriguing art shapes to stare at. It’s warm and wonderful, making me feel like positioning my entire face against it, flattening my nose and being aware of the structure while my skin rubs against this special see through object. Perhaps the window is covered with condense, with little snowflakes forming pretty patterns, rays of the sun that reflects in beautiful ways… whatever it is that we hear and see; all is beautiful over here.

Less concrete is the pretty vibrant attendee named ‘phonetics’. With lovably sweet vocal cuts that form a rhythmic base of cuteness and a wider making atmospheric ambient vibe the track becomes a mix in which we seem to be fallen into a strange deep sleep. The human beatbox and lengthy piano tones are working as the bed, the pillows and the sheets & all feels like a comfortable break to lay our bodies in for a pleasurable rest.

With ‘Disappear’ we are once again blessed with something worthy of its title. The music sounds Royal, like flannel strokes in a chamber in which everything speaks for comfort. The melodic piano bits seem to fly as if they skate over non existing ice, making the place dreamy, slippery and luxurious. It’s not as if the music is the representation of the act of disappearance itself, but the music is the scene in which everyone in its right mind would love to disappear in… outstandingly beautiful & invitingly gorgeous. If you need me and can’t find me, you know where to find me…

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