Artist: Logosamphia
keywords: 8bit experimental persian arabic breakcore chipcore circuit bending disco electro electroacoustic experimental melodic neopolka rave Rotterdam

It’s not rare, yet still rare enough to make it a sight you won’t see or hear every day: Logosamphia! The local local-world-boy, traveler, train hopper, hard party pooper and proud collector of worldwide weirdoes has the music deeply within its tentacles, with a unstoppable bulge of ideas in his pants, shooting out the coolest arrangements that any adventurous raver, gypsy and camel could move its hips too! He will even pick up the phone and say ‘hello!’, what else could a person possibly wish for?

You can hear the love in the man’s character, something that he manages to drop within his music as if it’s acid and the equipment a bunch of sugar cubes! Even the fattest elephant in the room will be belly dancing with Logosamphia’s sounds around & that on it’s own is already enough to make sure to have witnessed this fine artist performing his things live at least once in your life! Live is life, you know?

If you can’t, it’s fine, as you could hear on the album ‘Lorem Ipsum En Arabe’ that his music is alive aswell! In fact, it feels as if he has played it all on the spot, brushing off the melodies from his shoulders, shooting the energetic beats out of both nose holes as if it’s effortless! Many would never be able to do such thing in their entire music career, always stuck in ‘the block’ worrying about the sounds, music and equipment & what would the others think? Not Logosamphia, his music is sounding confident, a thing that equals the elevating vibe that is freeing!

He hops from traditionalism, Arabic multi culturism mixed with pixel Mario brothers brotherism, from chopped up breaks galore, a define rawness and what not! Logosamphia simply glues the old with the new and inserts his own mad inventions to great vibrant delights! He probably remembers a lot of the melodies from his many past lives fits them on as a fitting foot in a right sized shoe & brings them back into the modern life! Freedom and fun for all!

Even though his sounds are ready to eat down to the dance floor material, his intriguing melodies and sound choices are witnesses of the great musicality that lays behind this unprecedented identity. You can hear his good hearted nature, the love, the honesty, the spaghetti western attitude that finishes his music off with a human seal of approval! You can hear him even ‘sing’ that’s how much he loves you!

We can speak hours on end about the technical issues, the humanity, the melodies, the feel good energetic energies and good vibes available on this album; it’s full of happy do-gooders, new born child-hood sweethearts, partners you would bring to your ball to have a ball, do silly things with, go horse riding… With each and every track you will be saying in your head ‘Oh this is my favorite’ only realizing that by the end of the 20 tunes you have put them all down as your favorite on this album!

The liveliness that lives within this album will be the happiness, the pulse of excitement for whatever you are doing, adding that mental touch you most needed or pull that sloppy clown face into a happy one! From minimal fun, to bombastic bigness, sweet melodies that will lift the roof, material to break the breakcore boundaries until all music becomes a life on its own! It’s such a great fun release, being a great alternative for antidepressants and shit music in general! If you would be living a life without being able to ever to hear or see Logosamphia performing live and in person; this is the closest you can come and feel!

For anyone willing to fly, walk, run, go by helicopter, smoggle yourself in by boat or whatever your options are… Logosamphia will be performing his happiness live and on the spot on Saturday the 13th of January at the best and most legendary party in the world Gifgrond! It’s the one of the only two reasons to visit Tillywood the Netherlands (Gifgrond & Antenne) if you can make it; it will improve your life instantly! If you can’t… don’t worry too much; you’ve got an amazing album to attend!

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