Hakker – Psychedelic Schizoid Soundscapes

Artist: Hakker
Title: Psychedelic Schizoid Soundscapes
Keywords: experimental moscow podcasts avant-garde contemporary heavy psych moscou psychedelic russia soundscapes Russia

Welcome in the realm of psychedelic schizoid sounds, the zone in which being paranoid gets rewarded with a psychosis triggering rhythm and noise show that touches the nervous system in inappropriate appropriate ways. It’s like being washed away, driven over by a truck in which the back is loaded with out-of-their-head-dancing-ravers adding more weight to the situation. It’s abstract and concrete, listening to kicks as if the eardrums had been fingered up by someone who enjoyed sticking a electric toothbrush deeply within them. It’s the lonely self discovery time of being at a illegal party after a fair intake of unknown brain error inflicting substances.

Of course the vague voices from within the head cannot be denied, they too have to hobble in to add their effects of schizophrenic action. Each noise makes the life around us seem weird, they effect us as if we had been poisoned with a mental disorder. A mental disorder so define that it is actually intriguing to hear, to rock out on and smear your own body extracts on the wall as if it’s art & is the only way to save you from becoming insane. You can always blame the noises and the voices within your head when they take you away down the rabbit hole.

The deeper we go into this zone the more stranger it becomes, the deeper we have fallen into this vague pounding basement of a illegal party in which drugs had made pulp from our left over brains & our hearing capabilities had been vastly detached from any sensical senses. Its the place nobody wants to live forever in, but on a visiting basis with the promise to go back to normality when it’s all finished; it’s a good one. All that was normally recognizable had now been reconciled as a blubbering set of psychedelic rhythmic noises.

Once in here it’s difficult to be able to find any reference to the outside world, the eyes might wander towards the exit signs, but the big pulsating blasting subliminal beats are so full of stamina that they keep on preventing any visitor to leave so easily. Instead we use our craziness to find more material to screw up our minds, resulting in extraordinaire walks that even John Cleese wouldn’t have come up with. Backwards stumbling, fighting to stay vertical, tumbling over one feet & half falling over the foreign object that is your own leg; it’s a show that can normally only be generated through a scene in which you had lowered your mind in hot oil & deeply fry it! I don’t know about you, but I like to be temporarily fried!

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