Loner Awdur – My Time

Artist: Loner Awdur
Title: My Time
Keywords: alternative acoustic alternative rock art rock bedroom experimental experimental rock folk rock indie lo-fi outsider music Aracaju

It’s always difficult to be honest in judgement when music is performed with a emotional story attached. You see it a lot in televised talent shows; the more drama, sadder the background story; the more chance to win that ticket to Vegas. Your act might suck balls, but when the story is good enough to get some tears out of the panel of judges (or audience members) you might go home with the big prize!

This might be a strange start for a write up, but I felt a bit similar when hearing the album by Loner Awdur. It’s a lengthy release with him performing multiple of his own songs, mostly with guitar as the main worker, but also featuring other side sounds. The artist voice singing isn’t a unimportant X factor either. You can enjoy it or say things about it, but it comes with such a emotional backdrop that it would take a very sadistic figure to scoop out mistakes or advice in certain areas. I mean I simply can’t, not because I want to neglect the task of being a real reviewer that listens and says some critical stuff that might be helpful for a work in the nearby future, it’s just because I don’t want to do it.

I can only tell you that this is a very special album, for the artist himself, and comes across like that for the listener at home as well: that’s why I’m writing this while walking on eggs. In a way it’s Loner Awdur tribute to his grandfather, (may he Rest In Peace) who without him this album probably wouldn’t exist. He had inspired Loner Awdur’s interest in music with his enthusiasm of songs from the past & even paid for his guitar lessons. The beloved granddad enjoyed Awdur’s guitar work and must have been the artist’s muse… and it worked! The album full of intimidate bedroom music recordings is a reality, being big enough to take any listener into the artist’s private headquarters for a time spent on the musician’s own terms. With melodies and soft singing, structures that feel homely and honest. If that is something that sounds interesting to you, feel free to enjoy it at the other side of the following link:

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3 Responses to Loner Awdur – My Time

  1. Atlas says:

    Not available anymore… He inspired me for years 😦

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