RPM Orchestra – Stepwise

Artist: RPM Orchestra
Title: Stepwise
Keywords: country pop r&b sunnyslope soul Phoenix (ps do t let these keywords fool you! This is so much more! Better tag this with ‘adventurous sounds’ !
Label: Onus Records

I don’t know why, but the new year on YIKIS seems to be infiltrated with lots more people that opt to showcase their abilities to actually play authentic instruments & have the courage to lend their vocals to these pieces. Normally it occurs to me that we have been dominated by clueless noise makers providing us with playful sounding rubbish sounds or electronica that had never seen a broken string before… apparently 2018 is a whole different story. Or is it? Isn’t in the end all music noise? But is all noise music? I don’t think so.

It’s like that ancient wisdom of all chickens are chickens, but a egg is a egg even though a baby chicken might be inside. … oh gosh it’s getting philosophical over here, better be afraid and have yourself insured for more of these brain farts. Don’t blame the messenger though, these mumbling ideas just came while listening to ‘Stepwise’ by the RPM Orchestra. Somehow the orchestra that seems to bring back the best of both worlds; sounds, noises, authenticity, actual music, singing; it’s all there.

I do remember the RPM Orchestra (or a double ganger) having a Lobit release out with classical music covers. I remember the cover & it being out on a now defunct label. Maybe it was a different project,like RPG Orchestra (it probably is!) , but let’s pretend it’s this one over here, just to give it a mystical background and a front row seat in the favorable opinions. I love Lobit you see? As a genre it’s limitless in surprises, nobody ever knows what kind of music will attend within it, creating adventure and surprises…

‘Stepwise’ might not be Lobit, but it follows this concept of unpredictability. You don’t really know what to get or to expect, even while listening it’s material on the spot will make our brain search for references to clarify what it is hearing. Its harmonic in togetherness, strangely hypnotic, lively and on the spot; as if it’s done in front of you and still you have no idea what the RPM Orchestra does to make these pieces.

They seem to be free enough to throw in avant-garde, eccentric muted trumpet-like voices, ass spankings, vacuum cleaner sounds, rock, jazz, warm crackles, elephant yells, bird chatter, a happy sunny improvisation of electric noises and a flute, rambling jolly country, and what not all in one. We can even hear a audience laugh, so it might be presumed that the members of this orchestra play their instruments in odd or comical ways. If you like not to know what to expect (this probably works only on the first couple of plays on this album) this ‘Stepwise’ might be the perfect stepping stone for your adventurous listening pleasure.

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