Dead in Japan / Cum Gutter – Retrosexual

Artists: Dead in Japan / Cum Gutter
Title: Retrosexual
Keywords: electronic gay glitch harsh noise New York

Dead In Japan sounds very much alive over here. It’s a instant party in which many glow sticks are stuck between assholes and happy hairy buttocks are twerking around like a proper human disco light! Someone might be happy slapping to the beat, whipping it with a belt and whipping it real good. Men with ticklish mustaches jumping over each other, and hung guys twirling their sausages and meatballs in circular motives! This sounds like the sight and the view of a manly party full friends with benefits!

The part in which Cum Gutter takes over is getting even more deeper into the down and dirty business. With active rhythms the whole place of men go in a full workout mode. Connecting with each other as if they are lego pieces, forming a lengthy bum train that actively rides out each other holes. With the unstoppable energy they come across as there are no one minute kind of guys available, instead they are all nicely pounding away like healthy retrosexuals! You can hear the noise moaning with delight; what a hot action of a split!

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