Th Anatol – Pakk

Artist: Th Anatol
Title: Pakk
Keywords: ambient experimental abstract contemporary noise Budapest

There is no running around the bushes here; this one goes straight for the subtle action. That this minimal action might make you actually want to run around the bushes, is a a complete different story! It’s one of these albums that has the finger on the pulse, providing a never ending strain of a pounding rhythm, swiftly decorated with noises to create a techno album that is of a alternative kind. One that carries the act of repetition on both hands high up in the air, but also stands with its feet fiercely in a adventurous bath of experimental sound substances.

After a while they shimmer; dropping the four by four rhythm as if they are electric water drops that have been falling down from the leaks in the ceiling. Is this music or might we be tripping? The combination might be great; one day we must combine it! At times the water drops might even be replaced by the act of turning the pages of a very thick book on a repetitive fashion. It’s a good reminder that with limited things, you could make great danceable works. Perhaps you could even use them for self meditation, just sinking yourself on these repetitions until your mind can think about… absolutely nothing.

At the end there might be no rhythm, no beat or other danceable references… but that on its own feels like the kind of experimental place to give yourself the green light, shiny enough to express yourself freely with. In any case if you dig experimental techno and things that surrounds it, you might like clicking this link:

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