Origami Repetika – Into The Ether

Artist: Origami Repetika
Title: Into The Ether
Keyword: electronic , chiptune
Label: The Waveform Generators

Love your handy hands, because they are so helpful, without them you would never have your hands full & neither have the ability to shake hands or following that long dream of having a long lasting career as a hand model. Origami Repetika underlines this important factor that most hand owners would normally take for granted, his music would make you think twice: Each hand a thought! Exposing his special cooked up music to love your hands again to your hands, feels like a great case of hand pampering. But it has to be said that not only the hands will ben edit from the melodic love over here; it’s a right appreciative thing that will rub the nature body in a rightful way.

The entire album feels like a curing session, with super smooth vibes that even the biggest massage parlor wouldn’t be able to give you. It’s music will stroke you as if you are the most beloved pet in the world, giving you the great joy that everyone in the world deserves, knitting melodies full of love, so you never will feel alone, cold or unloved. You can just relax over here, close your eyes and dream away on a fine dose of Honeyknocker Meadow, the music choice of aroma therapy. It will give you the cutest memories, the finest love and attention, all executed with a brace stance of sweet energy and care.

Professional and absolutely free from secret hidden agendas, Origami Repetika gives you pure love in music form. It’s as if the artist had captured the jolliness of a playful young sheep; innocent and cute, full of live and soft & wooly and applied it to this fine release of easy going happiness.

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