Awkward Geisha / Nifty Nebula – Modernism

Artist: Awkward Geisha / Nifty Nebula
Title: Modernism
Keywords: experimental avant-garde free improvisation free jazz noise United Kingdom

Awkward Geisha has settled itself on a sassy jazzy groove that feels like a late night down at a local bar, the place where the live music is better than the usual clientele. But don’t complain too much about the free sample shots provided by walk-around hotties, the well dressed pimps or the juggling waiter that sells dope from behind the bar, as the music simply smoothens everything right out in the righteous way. Awkward Geisha is obviously there to swing their improvisational togetherness to please us, elevating the good vibes above the doggier ones. Even the semi shocking unexpected moment when a Eric Jovet suddenly (out of nowhere) decided to provide his voice to the pleasing music, the material keeps itself steering into the comfort zone. Somehow responsibly repressing all that could go wrong in a fantasy bar full dodgy characters & smoothing out the ambiance into one that feels like a exciting brew to keep everyone up, without providing the spark for anyone on the edge going over into a dodgy frenzy.

When Awkward Geisha gives us ‘heatwave in winter’ it’s s bit of a different story. Here the jazzy vibes are rudely overhauled by the intense extremity of pure noises. They shriek and seemingly tear the place up apart as if the peace from the former session had gone out of the window & all the edgy characters had engaged in a hot headed bar fight. Chairs are being smacked on heads, beauties tossed from the staircase, bar personnel gets trashed by flying bottles, pimps are bitch slapping each other … the fun thing with this fight is that the band seems to be absolutely no bothered. Awkward Geisha just keeps on playing, as if nothing is happening, swinging along while the place and it’s inner crowd get smacked down into pulp.

Because this is a split, it’s only fair to cover Nifty Nebula’s wonderful tracks on this release as well. The first one is especially soothing when heard after the extensive bar brawl. It’s as if Nifty Nebula knew what would happen and are here to provide the plasters, the soulful funk that functions as kisses on the wounds, the free vodka to down all our sorrow. You can feel the bar being mopped, the clientele going out with their heads mashed up and hanging down low, fading themselves into the dark night. Making the music of Nifty Nebula the left over solitude to find our midnight love and hail in.

With ‘Five’ it’s as if they improvise with the view of broken furniture in their midst, they seem to compliment the mess by turning it into a beautiful one. Smashed up chairs are suddenly the muses and the dirty floor full shattered glass; a Walhalla. The last part ‘six’ puts the joy back into the place, making us feel extra special for staying when everybody else had left. A midnight psychedelic jazz progression that goes into the bones for a swing, politely directing us to the revelation that it was a good night after all… oh and a good split!

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