Helena Celle – If I Can’t Handle Me at My Best, Then You Don’t Deserve You at Your Worst

Artist: Helena Celle
Title: If I Can’t Handle Me at My Best, Then You Don’t Deserve You at Your Worst
Keywords: Experimental, Glasgow
Label: Letter Mass

Ah this release gives me hope and pleasure. With its good crackling low fi electronic sounds, sweetly parading into the ears like a class act that hasn’t become stiff, but the polar opposite: it feels like a real relief! Something that had kept its limp action active to create a wobbly wonky freeing sensation. If you dig that, you will be banging your marbles with this creative outburst. It’s a bit as if the artist thought; there is no point in standing fierce in the sky, if you could rather use your flexibility to move around in order to express the great dirty pleasure that is freedom…. hmm, Big chance the artist didn’t think anything like that at all, more something along the line of it being ‘fun to make music that you enjoy to make and listen for yourself’ and it’s a plus if others would dig it too! That’s the main power I’m getting over here! Not giving a f*ck and by doing so, making everybody happy as that makes the music sound the most fun!

Still in its own (perhaps innocent) way this album’s music points a middle finger towards all the nitwits that swear for spending hours in the studio in search for the sound of crystal clearness. Don’t expect hygienic material over here, it’s here where you could feel free at home; no need to put off your shoes when entering this collection of music; any added dust between the bottom of your shoes would only add to the pleasurable warmth of this pleasant & fun freedom form of electric music.

It feels as if the producer just had a lot of fun, playing with patterns on the go, changing bits, removing things, adding other things, playing around with sounds, beats and cute melodies; all in order to make a lovely sensation that would keep a listener on its pleasurable toes (in shoes or without!). One of the highlights might be ‘I’m done with 666’ which sounds like a alien chicken tumbling down the stairs while having a electric case of fluidly diarrhea! Trust me, it sounds dirty in words, but when you hear it with the additional funky claps it’s actually a good time to swing your own bowels in a groovy way. Another personal highlight is the ‘what’s really going wrong 3D printer mix)’. It just sound so much like pure fun!

In any way it seems like we aren’t the only ones who are digging the album, this fact feels good as with the high fidelity ruling most music productions & with most producers forgetting the warmth that slight fuzziness, distortion or crackling wooziness could deliver to the all round sound; the love for this particular release is a real sign of hope. People digging music for the music, for the pleasure of sounds, rhythm, vibes… not because of it being mixed on a mega million system in which everything sounds like a clean bore. I mean it’s much more fun to roll in the mud than in your Sunday costume sitting upright at the family dinner, right?

This artist here is grooving around, enjoying the funkiness of experimentation like a cool rider who is into the music first and foremost & if you dig it too, it seems to be a plus. I mean you can hear that the producer is having fun with the music, is completely into it, playing around to make it a colorful groovy session… a work that is easy to slide in by a outsider as the creator’s heart has been fully into it. You can hear & feel it within great detail; bang: this music is keeping it low key, unpretentiously freeing and super real!

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