Quimper – Two Magpies

Artist: Quimper
Title: Two Magpies
Keywords: experimental alternative ambient avant-garde dark experimental haunting pop strange wonky pop United Kingdom

The excitement is flying immediately in with the appearance of ‘Two Magpies’, a song that made me feel like falling into the middle of a magical ritual, one in which we run around the forest, hiding behind many trees followed by a haunting presence that is the wizardry music of Quimper. The active melodies of mystery have combined the vibe of a fluting fakir attempting to trick his snake to come out of its little basket & something that feels like a Grimm fairytale story actively transposed to a singing expression. It goes by quick and made me personally feel as if I just ate a bite of that poisonous apple and had to run to be gone before midnight, not to be transformed into a pumpkin that lost its shoe on the way out. It’s like listening and being a part of a actual folkish tale & in all honesty that’s quite the experience.

After it Quimper gives us more of this atmospheric allure, this time it’s the menacing sounding ‘Feline’ that does the trick, filled with a voice warm as cat’s fur and little cute bells that are going for a melodic mystery. It made me feel fairly drugged in a pleasant kind of way, as if the whole room had gone round in circles and little kitty cat eyes had been observing me from behind the flowers on the wallpaper.

Another song named ‘My Volunteer’ spikes up the highenergy levels, making it feel as if we are witnessing a frantically engaging musical, one that comes to me like a Mary Poppins of a alternative bewitching kind. The words and the music reconstruct a vibe that made me think of running around in a MC Escher drawing, one in which we can walk up and down the stairs all that we want & yet never really be able to reach a beginning or a ending.

The release goes on with ‘rictus’, a hot bed of a song that feels engaging with its triply jumpy rhythm & flute highlights. The lyrics are pronounced like a intimate story teller that are conditioned to wobble on the groove. It’s the happiest flow on the EP and if it would be a animal instead of a song it would probably be a purple rabbit, fluffy and excitedly hopping around from cloud to cloud!

At the end Quimper provides some time on The Balcony. The view seems to be woozy, blurry and nebulous. It’s here that the imagination of the listener can drift away into the far distance or stay closer to where the music is coming from. It’s the ideal dream zone to choose a direction in; shall we return to this so called reality or shall we stay here with Quimper in the engaging fairytale land? I’m sorry if you would miss me, but I’m going to stay here (for a bit!)

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