Purulent the mosquito – Млечный Путь

Artist: Purulent the mosquito
Title: Млечный Путь
Keywords: Noise, Electronic, 8 Bit, Power Electronics, Experimental

I’m underneath a blanket trying to hide from this terrible tormenting mosquito. The buzzy miniature wannabe Dracula seems to have no mercy? Doesn’t this little annoying creature know that my blood is unappetizing? Better go plunge your sucker in a glass of red wine; you would have more fun! But no, no the buzzing flying mistake of nature, the human’s number one miniature enemy keeps on flying around, circulating around any areas that it could munch upon. I would suggest land on my noose so I can poison it with the help of a ridiculous fart.

But no, I don’t think this mosquito got any ears, it doesn’t take no for a answer and neither seems to buzz off. It keeps flying into my ears, in front of my eyes and even shoots up almost pulling the whole blanket off! When it really becomes unbearable it stops. I wonder if my hands had crushed it or that it’s just waiting for the right unexpected moment. It’s alright mosquito, drink my blood; with my diet of toxic liquids I’m pretty sure it will be your last!

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